Clone lock in a nullsec station

Hi all,

Been away for a very long time (2013) and I just reconnect to eveonline. Forget everything….
I had some clones in nullsec but I cannot jump.
I get a message saying that I need to contact the station owner.
How do I find him?


Yeah, it’s a bit of a pain.

  1. “Character” tab --> “Jumpclones” subtab --> look for the system name where the clone is located
  2. Type that system name into the search box in the upper left hand corner of the client (if you don’t see it, press the magnifying glass. Also, make sure that you don’t confuse and zeroes and “O”'s when typing it in).
  3. In the search results box, under the “Structures” section, click the info button of the appropriate station.
  4. Next to the picture of the structure will be a corp logo, click on that
  5. Now look around on the description and attributes tabs for contacts (check their alliance information page as well). Diplomats would be the best guys to reach, but if you don’t see any of those, you might want to try a recruiter or the CEO. Can’t say that they’ll respond to you, but it would be worth a shot if your clones are expensive.

Also, welcome back.


Or do it as a hard nut - get yourself nullified covert op T3 cruiser and fly to the said location. you may be able to chat in local, which can be quicker, than just mail some random guy, who may be mentioned in corp description and may have enough kindness to answer your mail instead of just delete it. Fly there and ask permission to join. Steal your clone and run away. Or stay, if you like your new team.

THank you for advise

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