Can’t get in null sex

Hello, so i got into a clan, and they hace their base in -0.8 0.o!

I tried to get there but i got ganked 6 times,how i get there safely from HS?

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Training for an interceptor is the best way I know to travel through nullsec because of the immunity to interdiction modules. Fit it such that you have an align time of less than 2 seconds and as many EHP as you can manage to survive smartbombs on gates that are rarely present.

However, I strongly believe that if your corporation won’t answer this question or help you get to where they’re at, you’re in the wrong one.


usualy a null sec (not sex) corp tells you how to get in there space if not join a other corp (not clan)
if you just started you maybe should learn how things work in eve befor you make such a travel … as you know its dangerous and maybe expensive (depends on the ship you use)

sorry to hear you got ganked 6 times
you can set a new homestation remote (only one time in some months as far as i know … dont remember - sorry)
then you undock and selfdestruct the capsule … you new clone will ne in nullsec in the station you set as homestation … implants will be gone … fresh empty clone
your corp guys can help you with that … if not … find a new corp where you get help

hope you make it to null and i hope you find what you looking for


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Ty, my clanm8s asked me that too,THANKS

That is true. But if you insist to get there without help from others, your can try to use

  1. interceptor, as any T2 ships it is not allowed for alpha clone to use one.
  2. Victorieux Luxury Yacht - rather small cargo hold but more EHP than any interceptor. Can be fitted so, that it will also warp away in under 2 seconds. The only one nulified alpha clone ship.
  3. T3 cruiser. If you can fly one you do not need any advice any more (unless you injected it , of cause).

Usually new comers use clone service to get to null sec home station (self destruct way) and buy (borrow) any ship in place.Wormhole is also the way.

Free head start for new comers - 250 000 extra skill points

Well, I presume you’re quite new (“clan”), so forget the Interceptors - even if you spend quite a sum of RL-money to get enough PLEX to buy skill points you need, you can’t buy experience, so your losses will just be more expensive but not more secure in any way.
I suggest you to accept the challenge and try even cheaper ships, like shuttles or fast T1 Frigates (e.g. Atron). This way you lose vrtually nothing, and it’s a good training. And stick to the basics:

  • Don’t rely on auto pilot - that’s an absolute no go in Low or Null, even in Highsec. It’s absolutely dangerous because you float in space like a lame duck, especially when you’re afk (which is a high risk anyway).
  • Don’t jump directly from gate to gate, but from gate to random celestial to gate, so you avoid most tactical bubbles which are placed in path of “popular highways”.
  • Speed is you tank: Get away asap, no matter where to, but away. You won’t stand any fight for longer than a few seconds as a solo newbro. That’s a point for the shuttle: It aligns really fast and is very cheap.
  • Ask your corpmates: Any convoy planned? In a group, popping bubbles is fun :slight_smile:

You have a very long way to go. Need to learn how to fly to get pass gate camps, fit ships for travel, zig zag to the gates, manually pilot, which ships / modules to use etc.

All that should have been covered by your corp, as stated above, talk to them, if they won’t help you, leave it.

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Set your medical clone to your new corp’s home station (assuming it has a clone/medical service), self-destuct your pod (right-click, bottom option). You wake up in your new home.

edit - note that “pod jumping” like this, while being useful, will destroy any implants you have in that clone’s head. Look into jump clones once you get set up with your corporation.

I need more null sex in my life.


Karmafleet is recruiting! We’ll help you get into your null sex home and set you up with everything you need to start a life in null sec.

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Poaching isn’t really the best way to introduce new players into the game.

I thought everyone liked poached eggs. They are just so tasty.

On a serious note. His corp sound like a bunch of inattentive jerks. Karmafleet has a support network that can help them out. Besides, Eve is a cutthroat game. If I didn’t try to lure him in, someone else probably would have.

With a title typo like that I have to…

Use more lube to slip in to those tight gate camps

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