How to get into Nulsec

Hi all,

I have been playing this game for a whole massive few weeks and have read up on all the history of war in this game. I have been doing missions, exploration, mining etc to see what i like. I’m mining at the mo, got myself into a barge and am happy chipping away at rocks and ice, making a little ISK to keep the food on the table and also dabbling into production.

But, the pull of Nulsec is getting harder to resist. I have been there, tried to mine the rich stuff and have lost a few ships to gankers out there searching for players like me. I have learnt how to not get caught in Nulsec…dont go there in a stupid ship like a barge.

Now, im pretty sure all i need to do is find a Corp that lives out there and go join them…whats so hard in that, right! no way is it that simple, well i imagine it’s not that simple. Is there a skill requirement that people ask for, is there a…expected skill level that you need to be at before Corps stop laughing at you and say things like “Get more skills then come back” etc. I dunno. Or is it literally go apply to a Corp living out there and they will look after you…

any advice on getting myself out there would be appreciated.


Look over this site, if you like what you see - talk to a recruiter.

Most null-sec based corps will expect you to participate regularly in fleets, so you will have to train into their doctrines. They will usually have ewar frigs for newbies to fly and it doesn’t take too long to get into an interceptor for scouting. T1 destroyers and cruisers are often used on roams. It will take you months of training to be able to fly battleships and T2/3 cruisers, so be patient.

As for requirements, you can usually tell if a corp will let you in by reading their recruitment information.
Some corps will accept everyone. Other will want people with pvp experience that can fly most ships and have multiple alts, but they’ll be explicit about it.

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Wormholes are normally the safer bet trying to get to null.
Personally, I use Eve Scout to look for a route to a specific region and then probe down the relevant wormholes.

I’m pretty sure that no corp will laugh at you for being new - most if not all large alliances are accepting towards new players. KarmaFleet and Pandemic Horde being some examples.

True, but there are some corps who will take advantage of new players by accepting them, and then kicking them from the corp unexpetedly as a show of power.

I think he should be careful and choose wisely.

There is the ingame tool for finding corps that may work for you, but you need a bit of luck to find the right one despite the filters.
I would recommend to read in the Corporation & Alliance part of the forum a bit and see what you seem fitting. Don’t focus to much on big block corps or alliances. They usually offer a lot of security to do whatever you want, but this security also narrows your mind. If you are required to do other stuff as well, you may find more activities you didn’t know you would enjoy doing.
You can mine basically everywhere in null. But not every corp can offer an infrastructure around that to use the ore effeciently, starting with refining & production facilities.

And then just talk to people.
If they promise you heaven on earth, they usually are not completely honest.

Edit: I would not recommend to join a corp that is renting space. They tend to fight over ressources, have huge lists of stupid rules and sometimes are very narrow minded and attract people who seem enjoy to cause drama.
Rather join a corporation that is in an alliance that holds their own space. You will have rules there as well, but you don’t have a “Landlord” your corp/alliance will pay and report.

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Hey nice post. However there are a few decent renter corps out there. I find renters however not as group conscious as the sov owners. Lots of solo farming mining and so forth.

guys, thanks for all the above replies, lots of good advice. I do find the in-game finder is…ok but the filters are not that great, so i will have a look around on this forum for any Corp’s that sell themself well.

Another good way to find a corp is to just wander around until you get blown up, then talk to whomever shot you. If they seem nice, ask them if they’re open for recruitment. “Shoot, then recruit” is the recruitment strategy of a lot of corps.

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I believe there’s also an in-game channel for Recruitment - look into that, the recruiters will post what they’re lookng for. They’ll lead you to their recruiting channel, where you can ask questions, and sometimes get on coms (TS,etc) if required.

M8, there is plenty of mining groups out there in null who would take you in no problem! You just have to find them… dont hurry with that decision cuz some corporations advertise to be very active but in reality you are going to be playing alone. (Timezone is big thing).

Once u have found your group and you are out mining\ratting make sure you keep your eyes on local chat for 101% safety!

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