Traveling deep into Null to NPC station as Nuet, travel ceptor or cloaky t-3?

Sooo, my understanding (I’ve been away a bit), is that cloaky nullified’s are severely nerfed while the ares isnt cloaky it is still immune, I plan on only bringing a dozen or so bpc’s along and that’s it, I have a yacht and as I am still in an alpha state this may be the best option, suggestions?

Check the map for number of pilots in space and number of ships destroyed. I prefer to fly through Thera because the first jump into null is usually very unpredictable. You will be fine.

Undocking from NPC stations without undock bookmarks is pretty dangerous.

As it stands I have my alignment time is under 2 seconds with the yacht but when I “simulate” ship it shows 2.84 secs so I don’t know which one to believe.

You probly have a prop mod active on your simulation. But personally I wouldn’t be using a yacht. For lowsec/null travel when I’m using an alpha alt I generally fly a fast frigate like an Atron or Slasher.

Use & zkillboard & dotlan to work out when best to try the route and where the trouble spots generally are. Mostly/Generally Tuesday mornings (UTC) is best time to run a route but always check. Note out the stations on route where you can dock if need be. Always bounce.

There is a certain amount of luck in this but prior planning makes a big difference, plus if its a cheap ship/fit then no biggie if you lose it, can always try again.

The other fun way to do it is with a corvette and an empty clone. Surprisingly invigorating.

If you can use the yact, then use the yacht. Cloaky + nullified and your purpose is just to bring bpc? Yacht.

Don’t warp directly gate-to-gate. f11 system map is your friend. Make deep undocks and instadocks for npc stations.


Made it :yum: immediately installed clone and now start from scratch, almost, found a venture for sale so now it begins.

See? Piece of cake. Null is mostly empty.

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