Moving Orca through Null Sec

So let’s suppose I found a cheap Orca in Null sec, right. It’s 6 jumps out from the nearest low sec and it’s 6 jumps out from the nearest high sec area. I plan on having an interceptor scout alt. What kind of fitting should I have to not screw up and lose the orca? Here’s my idea about the fitting and my plan:
High Slots: Improved Cloaking Device II
Mid Slots: 500MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive, Adaptive Invulnerability Field II, Adaptive Invulnerability Field II, EM Ward Field II
Low Slots: Damage Control II, Reinforced Bulkheads II
Rigs: Large Cargohold Optimization II, Large Cargohold Optimization II, Large Cargohold Optimization I
These rigs came with the ship, should I switch them out and lose them or not?
The plan is to set up a bookmark about 1000 km + away from the station and insta-warp there and then warp to a ‘safe’ spot. I then cloak up and scout the gate and the other side of the gate with the interceptor. I send the orca through to the gate if there is no one there. I send the orca to a safe spot, using the 10 sec microwarpdrive technique, cloak up and rinse and repeat until I am in the relative safety of high sec. I will obviously set up safe spots along the way and scout out the locals for maybe a week or so and start the operation close to downtime. The interceptor will be an ‘insta warper’ to evade all gate camps and bubbles. Just wondering if you guys have any fitting ideas that I should change up or any changes that I need for my way of running this ‘heist’.

Use a wormhole or utilize your alliance

An orca cheaper in nullsec than hisec…just happens to be close enough to “safety” to tempt buyers…ok…gl

Can you dock at the station/citadel that it is in?

If its in NPC Null it screams bait.

If its in SOV Null chances are you can’t dock to pick it up.
You could however use asset safety to get it moved to somewhere you can dock that would be far safer to move it from.

Wormhole chain, is what I do in these cases. Probe one from destination to a safe system with your ceptor. This may also take a week to get the right connection, but once established, it’s the safest way.

Make sure to keep the mass limit in mind. Orcas need a large hole connection.

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Might want to consider warpstabs.

This will end well.

mmmmm if it takes one week to find the correct wh chain, how many isks would OP earn during the same duration, and wouldn’t it be more than the difference in orca prices between null and hi-sec?
what i mean is: if it is for the fun and the challenge, try it!
if it is for the isks, not sure it is worth doing that

One week is a rule of thumb, I exfiltrated a couple of cheaply bought supercapital arrays this way (you need a freighter for these). But agreed, it’s 50% for the challenge to sneak a full cargo expander freighter in/out of lowsec solo.

My advice is not to do it at all.

Just buy one / ask your alliance to build it for you.

Only other option is wormhole. A real alliance with an industry division will be able to build it for you.

Why are you buying an orca in null sec and transporting it anyway?

Where are you trying to get it to?

Trust me, it isn’t worth a week of logistics. It isn’t expensive enough, and the benefits if you’re using it in nullsec aren’t that great - it will most likely die if you don’t have the right defence.

Also cloaking big expensive things is not target proof: your orca will be visible for a long time before you cloak - players who are smart can still find you and uncloak you, and then what’s next?

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