My char is in jita and could not jump clone back to null

I have my char in jita and i wish to jump clone back to null. It just won’t jump after i click the “jump” button so many time it just didn’t jump.

I have try jumping to other station/ keep star and it still won’t jump.

Where in Jita? The Caldari Navy Assembly Plant at 4-4 does not have a cloning center. Try from the Caldari Business Tribunal office next door.

does it need to have a cloning center for me to jump clone???

It needs a place to put the clone you’re jumping from and you must also have a clone in the station/structure you’re jumping to - all that moves is your consciousness. The meat must already be there!

No, you can jump from everywhere. However, I’m not fully sure about the rules for Upwell structures … does the target have an active clone service, and you have access to?

With the replacement of stations with structures the rules may have changed. What’s the concrete error message?

no error message at all
as if it does not connect at all
no isk was deducted also.
i press jump waited for 5 sec and just it just didn’t jump at all.
try other jump clone in null sec it also didn’t work

What’s your access status to the target structures and their services?

Clone svr bay is active and corp is still in alliances

Then this looks like a bug, and worth a ticket.

In the meantime you may try jumping inside an Upwell structure from one clone to another (no cooldown) and if that works, try jumping distance again. Relog and empty cache, you likely did already.

i have submitted a ticket already will try to empty cache check if that help

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