Jump Clone question

I was inside of a station that I installed a jump clone at, then jumped to my clone with no implants.

Now when I’m docked up and trying to jump back into my clone with implants it says I have to wait out my timer.

Is this because it’s an NPC station? Specifically a Caldari station in Jita. I did everything while docked up at the station in question. I’ve never had this issue before.

Only Upwells skip the cooldown for same-station jumps; NPC stations will apply the cooldown even when you are at the destination station already.

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Thank you for reply. I’m not usually dropping clones in Highsec so this is different for me! o7

Infomorph Synchronizing
Reduced time between clone jumps by 1 hour per level.

Just in case you ever wondered what it’s about.

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