Change/Buff to Infomorph Synchonizing

Currently in EVE all clone jumps that are not same-upwell have a base 24h timer on them before you can jumpclone again. Luckily for those not inclined to wait, there is a skill, Infomorph Synchronizing, that allows you to reduce this cooldown . . by 1h per level. To a minimum of 19h. The skill is somewhat useful because if you use it at the end of a play session it might mean the next day you can jumpclone a few hours earlier, but it’s still massively underwhelming. A couple of proposed changes might be:

Add Advanced Infomorph Synchronizing which lowers the timer by a further 1h per. This lowers the total timer to 14h, which allows for much more potential flexibility, but still at a significant SP cost, and still a very significant timer given the speed at which you can get around the game nowadays.

Buff Infomorph Synchonizing to reduce the timer by a factor of 1/sqrt(1.5). This would have the effect of:
0: 24h
1: 19.59h
2: 16h
3: 13.06h
4: 10.67h
5: 8.71h

Alternatively (and more generously) sqrt(2) could be used giving a final timer of 4.24h (6h for IV).
This would be accompanied by a significant increase in Synchronizing’s training multiplier, probably to 6x or so, which means that the higher teirs of jump time would be well paid for and not something trivially acessible.

Either of these changes (obviously, many many permutations and number tweaks can be made, I just like to think of these as two flavors re; extend the skill by adding advanced or rework it by changing how it scales) open up many more possibilities for jumpcloning around in gameplay, while still making the jump timers significantly worse than standard travel (one can trivially go end to end in New Eden in 1h in the right ship, and ansiblex proliferation only makes things easier) and also well paid for SP wise (6x is a solid month of training)

Please feel free to tell me why this idea is stupid, horribly overpowered, and will break the game forever in the comments.

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I like it.

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I would like to additional clones as well.

CCP can demand whatever ridiculous amount of skillpoints to be able to jump sooner - I will train it! +1 for more clones as well.

I’m down to skill farming! Farming of any kind is distasteful to me me but anyway. CCP needs a good skill that bitter old vets will invest into. This seems like a good one. I know it will only pause sf for a while whatever rate of time, but I still think it’s worth it.

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