[possible bug] jump clone window

Possible bug - a very edge case - small and rare -

if you apply skill points to the infomorph sync that you are not yet skilled to reduce a jump clone timer - I had 1.5 hours to wait - So I trained two levels - the jump clone window was updated to remove the can’t jump timer yet and count down message - but it didn’t activate the jump buttons. I had to close the window and reopen it for it to allow me to click the jump buttons.

obviously not been able to reproduce - but figured would report anyway for possible investigation to make our game better :slight_smile:

Huh. Normally, updating skills/implants won’t adjust a timer that has already begun. For example, if you take a drug, or start a research job, and then put it an implant or train a skill that impacts drug duration or research times, those times remain unaffected. It only matters what your skills/implants were when creating the timer.

I don’t know what the intended behavior is supposed to be here, but I would have thought that you would have had to wait out the full duration of your current jump timer. But I dunno.

no, closing and reopening the window - allowed me to jump and cleared the time - hence I think this is a UI bug in the new Photon UI - the jump button doesn’t activate (turn blue and get enabled) if you artificially by skilling up - to reduce the timer. The window obviously gets updated as it removes the timer notifications in the window but doesn’t enable the buttons.

It’s a very edge case, but a bug is a bug, till dev’s call it a feature right?

oh that’s harmless - my jump clone windows doesnt work since days now - stuck petition wasn’t helping they moved me to “find out yourself or do die in a corner by yourself”-section of the support forum it seems xD

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