[Suggesstions] Clone Jumps, Timer & PvP

hey guys,

i recently had a simple idea to maybe fix the problem, that people can’t/won’t participate in (null sec/wh) pvp with expensive clones because of the clone jump timer:

Add the ability to always jump out of a clone into a empty clone, but not to jump into a clone with implants (the same timer as now should apply). This would allow people to jump into a clone without implants and get into pvp.

You can already do this in an Upwell structure with a clone bay.

You can have multiple clones with or without implants in the one structure and swap between them to your hearts content, even if you have a timer from jumping between structures/stations.

I do not know if you can pull this stunt off in an npc station.

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yes you can in npc as well


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