Please decrease jump cloning timer

I think the jump cloning timer is too long, here is an example that happened to me:

The corp I am in has 2 bases, one highsec and one nullsec. I was mining at the nullsec base in the evening. In the morning I wanted to do the skilling spree, and because I had my PvE ship in the highsec base, I jump cloned there. I finished a combat site, but then I couldn’t jump clone back, because of the timer. That means I can’t mine at the nullsec base, if I do not risk a ship to go there.

Why is the jump clone timer SO long? Please decrease it, about a 5-hour timer would be enough.


So basically you want to mine in null without the travel risk.




I think it’s too short. Should be raised to 48 hours so players are encouraged to make more meaningful choices.


You can do this now; in this specific instance, if there is a cloning bay available in one of the two locations.

If you had set your nullsec base as you “home base”, meaning your clone will spawn there after losing a ship, you could have death cloned back circumventing the timer.

You need to reinstall the highsec clone, (before death-cloning) to repeat this, so it is an option that is with cost and you need to be mindful of your implants; but, this does work. I move ships by death-cloning all the time. In your variation of this method, you only need a clone bay in one location, that location becomes the jump-to option. The home base becomes the death-clone option.

So, jump clone out, reinstall clone, and death-clone back. You need three clones. Any fees will be dependent upon what the clone bay owner charges you.


Can be managed by thinking ahead.

1.) Set your Home Station to your Nullsec Home
2.) Jumpclone to Hisec
3.) Do you Stuff in Hisec
4.) Self Destruct in a Pod and awake back at your Nullsec Homestation

If you set your Nullsec Home Station to a Citadel, you can even jump into back your Training-, Fighting- or Industry-Clone while on Cooldown.

If your Hisec Clone has valuable Implants, go to any Hisec Citadel with a Cloning Service, create an empty Jumpclone and Jump into it locally before self destructing.

You can do local Jumps on Citadels as often as you like even if you’re on a Jumpclone Timer Cooldown.


Informorph Synchronizing.


OP is a bad and should feel ashamed.

That means I can’t mine at the nullsec base, if I do not risk a ship to go there.

I don’t see what the issue is here. All you’d need to do is get your behind into a “travel ceptor”. Problem solved. With some smart bouncing involved you’d travel almost risk free.

I believe it would be easy for CCP to decrease the “cool down timer” after a jump between clones in different Stations.
How important is a 19 hours “cool down timer” versus 8 hours versus 4 hours ?

Many asked CCP to allow more than one clone to be installed in the same Citadel … but there is a rumor that this is part of the old-code and it would be very laborious to implement.

What I would like to ask CCP is if it is viable to implement the Citadels jump clone mechanics to NPC Stations … allowing everyone to jump between clones at the same Station without being affected by the cool down timer.

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