Changing the amount of reduction of jumpclone reactivation per level of the skill

Instead of reducing jumpclone cooldown by 1 hour per level of the skill that reduces cooldown, I think it should cut off 1/2 or 1/3 of the remaining cooldown time per level.
ex: for 1/2 reduction, the cooldown time per level is:
0: 24h
1: 12h
2: 6h
3: 3h
4: 1.5h
5: 45 minutes

Interesting idea, I personally would like to see an improvement of jump clones.

I can see that JC’s might be abused by some people in this way though my impression is that when you jump somewhere CCP want you there for a reason for an amount of time.

My thoughts on this would be something along the lines of some kind of jump clone stress which i believe is why we have these skills in the first place, so perhaps you can jump again but perhaps take a temporary skill reduction in a random skill then have that reduction be affected by cool down, this way if someone starts hopping around like a rabbit it will effect them and this prevent them from doing too much.

I like the idea of the cool down being reduced or removed and a new cool down amount or jump stress implemented

Short jump clone cooldowns = less travel by ship = less opportunities for PvP.

Coupd the current timers use some tweaking? Maybe. Should they get all the way down to ‘faster than crossing the nap via ship’? To me, no. Perhaps making them dynamic based on distanced traveled (based on shortest k-space route, or total AU between points A and B, or something) might be a balance factor - but especially for travel past hostile territory, it shouldn’t be something that folks can readily hop across repeatedly.

Edit to add: there’s some really interesting discussion around travel and dealing with it here, including impacts to various play styles when pilots can move around with less risk: Pod Gates (or something similar) to quickly move through high sec

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Less travel by shuttle/throwaway frigate, it would not help move actual ships. That would require a bowhead or something similar. It would just make it easier to have a clone in HS for market stuffs and a clone in NS for fighting, for example, and you can jump more than once per day to buy new ships and hire someone to haul them down.

Of course jump cloning doesn’t help move actual ships. I never said it did. I said short cooldowns reduce player time in space for travel purposes, which reduces opportunities to engage the player - especially with the changes in nullification and WCS modules. A certain amount of manual movement should always be necessary; players should not just be able to seed jump clones to each trade hub and rapidly switch between them to do all of their order maintenance, for example, because that makes the large EVE universe tiny again.

There is room for improvement to the cooldowns to make engaging in activities more attractive, but it should not be a complete removal nor a reduction to a meaningless delay.

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so I’ve been pondering on this thread for a while in the back of my mind as i’ve been going about my life and i think i might of possibly come up with three POSSIBLE workable concepts which i’ll post here as numbered TLDR’s but my last idea is the one i have fleshed out the most, so i’ll put my thoughts under that.
it is my understanding that the jump clone process takes so long to cool down is due to not only the huge vastness of human consciousness but the level of highly complex skills capsuleers need, so it would be a HUGE data burst of information transfered across the galaxy in seconds

TLDR 1: change jump clone cool down to be related to not only skill level but number of skill points per character (not personally a fan of this idea myself but i figured it would be worth putting out there as a concept)

TLDR 2: change jump clone timers based off standings.
structure is blue, or owned by your corp etc, you should get a shorter time than jumping to a concord or empire station. this makes sense to me, but i have no idea how this would be balanced. if you have sov in nullsec, you could theoretically jump to almost any station with a shorter cool down timer, or perhaps jump to a high sec corp owned structure for a shorter cool down time

scaling this in my mind would be
Empire: current timers
blue strctures: new but shorter cool down
alliance owned: shorter than above
corp owned: shorter than above.

TLDR 3: Jump Clone Drug

The break down:

so this is what i have as a concept.
lets keep the jump clone mechanics as they currently are.
but introduce into the game a jump clone drug.

Lore Factor: this drug will only be in part biological and part nanotechnology, however will be based similarly off of how other drugs works to keep the mechanics straight forward.

Industry Factor: this drug could be produced using nanites from the PI and some kind of rare gas from gas clouds.

The idea of it will be to “trick” the implant in all capsuleer clones into thinking the capsuleer is ready to “Jump Again”

this drug would I imagine be very highly illegal.

Drawbacks: taking this drug will have a stackable time delay side effect perhaps of 1 - 3 hours (or insert better calculated timer here)
during which time should you die in space you will experience a temporary block of a skill you have (example: in the neural enhancement skill group or perhaps for a specific ship you’re flying)

so if my jump clone timer is counting down, I could now
take some drugs, I could jump up to jita, set up some contracts, do some station trading maybe, i could then take another dose of this drug and jump back to another of my clones (without loss or block of skill points as I have not suffered a death)

I have opted for a block rather than a direct loss of skill points. because this drug is not a T3 factor. however with a tempoary block (in essence locking out a skill) this way the player will recover over time without having to retrain the skills.

the idea for this came from the expert systems we now have in the game which allow people a temporary access to these skills, if the process was reversed, you would theoretically create a small temporary block for certain skills. given you’re playing with clone’s neural enhancement skill, the skills effected should be thus from that skill group or would at least be a primary target

to me it makes no sense to effect science, industry, piloting or some kind of combat skills unless you are directly flying a ship or using equipment
so In my mind this targeted skill group makes sense. at least as a primary group.

perhaps limit the number of times you can take this drug to 1 per level of biology, however again that drawback would be stackable, the higher the stack the bigger the skill point block upon death. perhaps not only skill blocks but a further delay in jump clone cool down timer.

perhaps as the number of stacked effects occour you could scale up the way the drawbacks work

this would mean that in the right circumstances there would now be a short term penality for dying.

ONLY if you jump using this method
and ONLY if you die within a short time window will you recieve a short term penality for death

given we also have nanoheuristic clone mappers which effect the way we respawn in capital ships.

such vast levels of data being transfered so intensely would make sense, perhaps its not a case of biologically the clone’s can’t handle it, but perhaps the transfer system needs time to cool down and recalobrate. which would be why abusing these drugs would grant tempoary blocks

I’m sure there would be a criminal way around it, some nano trickery or something.

i’m not 100% on this aspect of the lore, but what I do know is that implants for capsuleers are designed and intended to transfer huge quantities of data at the moment of death.

I hope this provides some food for thought for people and even if not a fully workable solution I hope that people reading this will offer their own thoughts on this concept or perhaps find a simpler more realistic drawback

I do genuinely feel a drug would be both pretty cool and a quick solution to the player base demand.

perhaps within my ideas there is some kind of middle ground somewhere for it all and to be balanced.

thanks for reading.

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