Why not make clone jump cooldown depend on distance jumped?

The current system forces you to wait ages between clone switching, even if you’re just jumping within the same system to switch implants. Why is it that we are allowed to have many implant sets, but are forced to wait near a full day to switch between them? What is the gameplay value in this?

If you clone jump to the same system you’re already in, there should be either no cooldown, or at most a 1 hour cooldown. With +30 minutes for each extra jump. 48 jumps would cap out at 24 hours cooldown on clone jumping or something like that.

This would still keep restrictions on long distance travel using clone jumping, whilst having little to no penalty for only switching implants in the system you’re already in.

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Should still be a cap on jumps per day though.

For a same reason why we do not have autopilot, loot all button, etc etc etc.

First of all, we need to be able to jump between structures in a wormhole, before anything else happens to jump clones tbh…

That would be nice CCP would never do that because they make too much money but accidentally lose their Wormhole because they don’t have another Avatar in there to scan their way in if you were able to jump in and out it would be a hell of a lot easier I agree it would let the small guy operate solo pretty much with a couple character paid accounts so therefore CCP whenever do it but I do agree that something needs to be done with the jump clones I honestly think they need to do it like they did the jump fatigue and maybe lower it to every 5 hours instead of every 24 because it would just be more economical for a bunch of people but I doubt Cpp will do that either because it comes down to money and if you would lower the Jump time for jump clones you would lower the risk of getting blown up because you can move around a hell of a lot safer and a hell of a lot easier

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