PVP and jump clones

I’d like to think that
jump clone cooldown [, being around 23 hours,]
is due to ethical debates about
P.V.P. techniques used with slimmer cooldown timers;

So, again lets presume that P.V.P.
is crippling other key features, if not outright overshadowing them,
yet now we could try a check on pilot attempting
early jump clone activity

if ( hasBeenInPvp || isAtWar || … ) {
} else {

CCP Spock (if ∃) "Quick … where are the [meeting] minutes from that … ? "
CCP Statistician (if ∃) "but what about the children …! will somebody think of the … " slap

: ) ) )
That last one was for comforting the definition of mass murderers (P.V.P.) in … a … VR … environment. drumm riff

What are you on about?


I think Billy has his own alt he hasnt told me about.

In case its about cooldown, there is no cooldown anymore for clone switches (if you do it in a structure).

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Which is great.

All relevant clones for ship types accessible whenever you need it.

structure to structure ? Cause I could have sworn I jumped from a structure to NPC station, and back, when trying to go back [then] the delay was very high.

That would require more than one structure with a clone service. Not all structures get the clone service and you can only switch one clone in the same structure.

Within the same structure. If you relocate, the cooldown kicks in.

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