Pls CCP - Multiple jump clones in 1 station

Plspls - I don’t understand the need for you to only be able to have 1 jump clone in a station, it’s such a pain in the ass having to constantly station hop when you’re switching in and out :confused:


Sorry CCP development time is being spent giving up red notification buttons


Don’t you appreciate the red dots? Show it some luvin’. :stuck_out_tongue:


The dots are fine, it makes sense to highlight new stuff in cargo. It’s no intrusive nor problematic, only to autists who can’t deal with any sort of change.

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DING you’re absol-- DING utely ri-- DING ght.

See, this is my question. Why does it make sense? What’s the context where that information is useful?

My trading alt constantly buys/sells stuff – meaning that red dot is there ALL THE TIME.

If there’s some context where it’s useful, great – but then make it optional.


explorers with a ton of loot onboard who want to see what they just got. Salvagers perhaps, there’s many situations where it’s useful. Just because YOU, or me in this case, don’t see a need doesn’t mean others might not have a need for it.

Also the dots are not intrusive they’re not an issue, the silly gong sound IS problematic.


I’ve seen organizations anchor multiple structures solely for the purpose of housing additional clones in staging areas. It’s directly contributing to structure proliferation.

While we’re talking about quality of life improvements on jump clones, let’s cut the jump clone timer in half, or introduce a fatigue system, or give us a reduced timer for returning to the last-used clone so we can only go back to where we jumped from. Jump cloning to an emergency op at the end of my play window can mean having to wait a few hours the next day to be able to do what I want to do. Which translates into me simply not logging in during that time.

Also, allow unlimited clone jumps inside an NPC station same as in a citadel. It would help newbros who want to be able to swap out of the “expensive” pods they’ve been putting together so they can feel safer going to do something dangerous.

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I suspect that allowing multiple clones in a single location would be a lot of programming work. The database probably only has a single entry, so they would have to develop all new menus and interfaces.

The 24 hour jump clone cool down is what I hate. I would like to jump out of my training clone, play the game, and jump back. But alas, no.

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Then let us disable it so you mouth breathers who can’t keep track of loot in a can can see the shinies easier.


You can jump infinite times inside the structure. You know that right?

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It’s because if there were multiple jump clones a person could keep coming back after being podded and still not risk implants.


That makes absolutely no sense.

You’re literally describing the death clone process

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Yes, I know that.

I want a new second type of clone which you can only change into in the same station, so is not jumpable from other locations, but can only be used as a implants pod. This that you can make a lot more specific pods, for all the ships you like. They should be namable too.

  1. Activate Clone in System X
  2. Get podded
  3. Activate 2nd clone in System X
  4. Return to fight, no implants at risk
  5. Get podded
  6. Activate 3rd clone in System X
  7. Return to fight, no implants at risk


That’s the death clone process.

What your advocating for is there to be no cooldown in the use of the jump clones

What this request is saying is that I want to have my reprocessing clone my ratting clone my links clone and a clean pvp clone all in the same structure, presumably also my medical station.

People can already do that. I have a learning clone and PvP clone without implants in same citadel. So, whenever I want to PvP I switch to an empty clone and when I decide to log off I switch back to the clone with +5’s, without cooldown.

Because then there would be less ships moving about?

Is it instantaneous risk-free travel you want?