Pls CCP - Multiple jump clones in 1 station

nono, not at all, nothing to do with risk - it’s just a pain in the ass having to go station to station, going through 8 session change timers for the sake of what could be a single button push :frowning:

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Really dont understand why I can’t buy a vat of 5 clones or have auto clone replacement at a cost. You don’t need to change anything other than manually replacing.

Still could be a cool down. The issue is some of us ise and change clone location,very seldomly its easy to forget to replace after jumping…and the mechanic adds nothing having me manually replacross after every jump.

Not a big deal but would be nice to have a simple check box for replace on use. Idc if its a new skill either.


The RED DOT is totally cool.
But totally stupid it is, to implement such a thing without thinking two cents further, and programming a SIMPLE…VERY SIMPLE ENTRY IN THE OPTIONS MENU->GENERAL SETTINGS->Deactivate RED DOT

…same goes for Tacticals and BLUE DOts around your HUD (its either all ON or NO DOTS and NO Tacticals in Space)…yeah,…totally makes SENSE…for someone not playing the Game.

That would take a team of CCP programmers 6 months to implement.

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