Please let me change clone without leaving ship

Please let me change clone without leaving ship. Can’t you just put up a message if the change would make the ships modules go offline or something?

The clone isn’t in a ship when you jump to it, so why should you be able to jump out of a clone while in ship.

I think you should lose your clone if you want to jump out of it while in a ship.

I’m challenging this because you say

What about the others that play this game? Damn them?
What benefit is there to jumping from one clone in a ship to one in a clone bay? What happens to the clone in the ship?

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You have to be in a pod to have the clone transferred to a clone bay, or destroyed - there are code dependencies for this. Those code issues would have to be addressed first, and I don’t see that happening just to allow in-ship clone swaps. In-ship clone swaps might prove to be a happy side effect of addressing the underlying issues, but not the driving reason for fixing it. Same with the session change timer: it exists to get the client and server re-synchronized after significant changes. Ideally, this will get sped up to the point that it is a non-event, but it won’t be done because players want to swap ships or clones faster - it will be done because CCP found a fix for the underlying problem creating the need for the timers.

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its not like CCP just chose this arbitrarily its how the game is coded. and its an old part of the code. So unless there is another reason to go digging around in it the payoff just wont be there for the time invested.

Not to mention the lore behind it… you are in a pod, in the center of your ship.

Your clone is in a vat? tube? largePetriDish? in the station.

yeah… that’s irrelevant.

just pretend it automates the entire process of swapping kinda like we already do when changing clones. or did you think the new clone was teleported into your pod and the old one teleported out while you are just floating there in the hanger?

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