Can we clean up clone swaping?

It would be really great if the game didn’t close a whole bunch of windows only to tell me I’m in a ship and can’t swap.

Then you reopen ship hanger to leave ship and then try to clone again and are told already session changing.

There is no reason for the game to not let you swap clones while docked in a ship. Don’t try and tell me it is impossible to fix, we have a log off button now.

Or you could just exit your ship first. It’s not that hard.

If you try to extract skills while in a ship, a dialog gives you the option to leave your ship before the skill extraction window appears. Seems a simple thing to add a similar dialog for clone swapping.

Now this approach I can get behind. There’s absolutely reasons for forcing a player to un-ship before manipulating their clone (lore and mechanics-wise); making it easier to un-ship would be a great approach to smoothing this pain point.

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