Swapping Ships - Client Session Change Queue

Currently, when you try to change ships in a station while a session change timer is going, there is an error message that pops up and says “Session change already in progress.” You then have to wait for the session change timer to complete and then manually choose to make the ship you want to be in active again.

Instead of requiring the user to give another command to the client to change ships, perhaps the client can queue up the request to swap ships and do so when possible.

There is already a similar function in place when changing clones: it will automatically leave your ship, wait for the session timer to finish, then proceed to clone jump (or offer the prompt necessary to complete that clone jump) without having to do all the required clicking yourself and without having to watch the circle.

There is already a timer clearly in place and having the client do the work instead of the player would be a small but cumulatively huge boon to those who change ships quickly and frequently.


Endorsed, often I end up undocking with the wrong ship because I clicked a second too early, and find out only a couple jumps over.

Yes please.