Make changing pod automatically while being on my ship

CCPlease, stop wasting my time while i undock for a fight. Jesus… i waste 30 seconds while changing ships and pods and unnecessary poop.

So much thanks.



stop being lazy

I guess that’s an extra 30 seconds you could be using to fit another sebo on a doctrine ship, or whoring on yet another blue kill board pad… I can see why you seem so desperate to save it!

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No support on automatic pod changes.

I do support quicker pod changes though.

If I had my way, it would all take longer…because in reality and even in cartoons it would take longer!

If you are this impatient I think you are playing the wrong game! There are so very many features of this game that take time that reworking it all to cater to such impatience would take years! I think CCP making this change would be a mistake in that it would open a floodgate of demands for more “instant” this and that.

That said, making demands and accusations toward CCP was a great way to reduce the average 0.013 percent chance any forum idea usually has to -0.00. Good job!

Huh. It’s been awhile since I have seen this complaint.
(man… I am getting OLD)

If I recall correctly, the 30 seconds is there as a buffer because the system needs to ensure an accurate handoff between “being in space” and “being in station.”

Something, something they run on different servers. (someone may want to fact-check me on this)
It’s the same reason why there is a timer after jumping to a new system (not just to prevent people from doing jumping shenanigans).

Fun Fact: The timer used to be 30 seconds between each ship swap and 1 minute between docking/undocking.

Realistically, the downtime between things like docking/undocking will reduce over time as technology and coding improves. But it will happen on the DEVs timescale as they need to ensure system reliability… which is the reason said timers exist in the first place.


So your position is that because back in 2003 CCP’s server limitations required a 30 second buffer on session changes this must remain forever even if it is no longer required for technical reasons? CCP can’t improve their product because doing so would create the expectation that they might improve other things as well?

You don’t even believe yourself that insane forced misinterpretation of my words.

So why did you post that?

What is it that’s eating you up so bad?

I believe that you did in fact write something that profoundly stupid. And oh look, here it is in your own words:

I think CCP making this change would be a mistake in that it would open a floodgate of demands for more “instant” this and that.

You oppose CCP removing a no longer relevant delay that used to be required for server reasons because it might lead to more demands for CCP to continue modernizing their code.

What is it that’s eating you up so bad?

How many ships did you lose to suicide gankers before you decided that they’re all sociopaths?

Well I’m free to play eve the way I want and do whatever I want with my game play. Don’t be jealous about me whoring and having 23 T on Zk.

And yes, it is a waste of time because that’s the main reason I prefer catching fleet with a ceptor instead of a doctrine ship.

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