Hmm... losing SP with pods

I’m sure there are more than a few who remember the days of upgrading your clones. Bring that back. Except the upgrading part. Make SP loss a percentage of the skills used in the ship you were last flying.

Get podded in a perfect frigate pilot, it’ll take you a week to get back to where you were. Maybe two. You’re of course still able to fly most things almost as well as you were, you just have to top off those lvl5 skills you lost.

Get podded in a Titan… see you in a year or two.

You want to stop capital proliferation, amp up the risk to capitals. Granted this will cause blueballs and risk aversion… I say that’s good.

When you drop your Titans, you’d better be DAMN sure you want to drop your Titans. Risk, reward.

But it gets better. All those bots that people say they report and never see anything happen? Start podding them. They can’t fly their ■■■■ anymore.

In LS increase the sec hit on pods given the dramatic increase in cost to the player, leave Null where it is.


I’d say Spaceship Command skills. If you make it all related skills that might discourage some fits.

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These types of suggestions give the player retention department nightmares.

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Maybe add “don’t know” and “don’t want to know” options to that poll.

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If you use the current in game mechanics just use the T3C rules for it, it would have only a fraction of the impact but at least it would help while at the same time not requiring new systems or large amounts of work its a lot more doable then otherwise.

If this rule applied to capitals, then I’m all for it. Not for sub-caps.



This may come as a surprise but remember when CCP announced the removal of the clone upgrade?

I said, one day they will ask to return it. I apologize for coming from the future and telling you this.

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Not everyone disagreed with it in the first place.

Ask yourselves though. What’s the problem with capital proliferation? I mean, ■■■■, I have 3. I’m debating on starting 3 more. Supers will come next, on all of those accounts (well, 3 will probably just stay fax accounts depending on fax nerfs).

The problem with capital proliferation is… capital proliferation.

Too many caps. Plain and simple.

Look at Titans. Released as alliance, even coalition level assets. And now people say “meh, I’m gonna inject 50m sp and get a jump-start on my titan”.

If every titan that died couldn’t just re-ship into another, if it took a meaningful amount of time to get back into the chair, Titans would go back to being meaningful assets again, because when you drop them, you’d better be prepared to take some infinitely more expensive losses.

Just look at the SP of Titan and DD 5… say nothing of capital gun specs, and the litany of other skills they need.

To be clear, I’m talking about uninsurable clones. You won’t lose as much as you did before clone upgrades were a thing, most of the time, but once you get real with ■■■■, ■■■■ gets real with you.

Enhanced penalties for enhanced accounts.

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A potential way to do it would be to base it on the multiplier as well.

Say… 1% * training multiplier. For every skill, and every dependent skill therein.

So your generic tier 1 skills, like a racial Frigate, they’d lose practically nothing. They’d be back up to 5s in no time.

If high-sp pilots are placing their SP at risk… hmm.

I know, I said that many, many times in the last few years.

Yeah and I don’t want to upgrade my clone for 250 million again…

Capitals only, then I’d be for it.

You would kill the game if you did this to subcaps.

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Would you though?

Think about it… what subcaps would you lose the ability to fly? It’d kill the tight fits until you re-train your fitting skills, but you’d still be able to fly something sub-optimal.

And if it were tied to training multipliers, subs wouldn’t get hit all that hard anyways. Caps are the ones that get utterly crushed by this. Subs, it’s mostly just annoying.

Fighters 5, jump cal 5, advanced spaceship, light/heavy/util fighters, plus a metric fucktonne of other skills. A super getting blapped would be extraordinarily rage inducing. So, maybe they’d be a lot more careful. Losses would inevitably happen though, and that would literally reduce the number of caps that can drop because they quite literally can’t pilot them good enough anymore.

I mean, ■■■■, you could even have the km notification allow you to auto-queue everything to the top or bottom of your queue.

This just puts the big groups in an unassailable position.
It also punishes anyone who roams, anyone who likes taking chancy fights, i.e. You are punishing all your content creators and promoting an incredible level of risk aversion.
You want to see EVE become farmville with a single group ruling it… This is one of the fastest ways to do it.

I’ve seen this sort of skill loss in smaller scale games, it just leads to utter risk aversion, which then kills content except for the rare big fight.


We aren’t talking about “if you lose you’re ■■■■■■”. We’re talking about losses becoming meaningful.

I can, for example drop 50 dreads and start waxing supers. That’s certainly attainable.

I will lose those 50 dreads, but they’ll be trained up a whole lot faster than the supers will be.

Goons lose Titans too. Kills get traded. Can they kill faster than anyone else? Sure. They’ve got bigger numbers. But those numbers will drop fast if they use them. Because Titans need support… and if your support keeps getting waxed by dudes in arty battleships, eventually you’ve got no support and you either drop unsupported Titans or you simply don’t drop them.

Will it lead to risk aversion? No. It will lead to downshipping. Because if you tie it to training multipliers, no subcap is really going to be completely ■■■■■■ unless they really suck and don’t know when to call it a night.

Fights will still happen, they’ll just happen in subcaps more often. When caps do drop, it’ll be in absolute force (exactly like it is now). But the threat of a dread bomb becomes magnitudes more threatening. The need to use these assets in only the very most serious engagements will be a thing.

It will absolutely lead to risk aversion. You are talking about a far greater penalty than the old clone system. And that sort of death penalty absolutely leads to risk aversion. It cant do anything but increase risk aversion


And yet, it can be avoided. Easily. Don’t drop caps on everything, fly subs more often.

I’m not really suggesting the idea (hence posting in general discussion rather than PF&I) just had something of a shower thought and wanted to put it out there.

That said… consider losing a Titan. It’s no small loss, right? They still get dropped, killed, etc. You don’t see them dropped on everything (outside of Delve at least) which is good. They’re supposed to be your most critical asset. The highest risk in the game is only JUST enough to keep them from becoming insanely prolific.

I’m not married to the idea, as said, so what if it were just capitals? Would that make it more suitable to you?

The goal here is to prevent anyone from getting into a capital, but rather, making it difficult to get back into a capital. All these nullsov fights we had. North VS Goons. Capitals. Everywhere.

And I didn’t object - I jump at every chance I get to fly caps. I like them. I enjoy flying them more than any other hull.

But there’s too many, too often. If it’ll take you a month to get back into your cap, 3 months to get back into your supercarrier, and a year to get back into your Titan… that loss becomes a LOT more significant.

Big groups, the ones that you fear get the best balance of power because they’ve got the most bodies… that’s not their real strength. When you kill a Goon Titan it’s literally already replaced by the time he gets back to station. Same for the North, although to a far diminished capacity.

They can literally drop those same pilots, including the ones who just lost their ■■■■, later that day. That is their power.

You make their caches worthless, and now all of a sudden, each loss matters. For everyone.

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Trash the idea of SP loss. It’s frankly, worse than trash. What you’re suggesting is that if someone loses a ship, they lose SP in every skill associated with the ship. Are you ■■■■■■■ mad? The only way it’d fly is if it was Command skills losing SP, not tangentially related skills such as engineering or navigation. And barely at that. You want something more effective? Pilot fatigue. Just as jump fatigue can prevent you from immediately jumping to another ship, you can use pilot fatigue to delay how quickly they can get back into a given capital class ship. Make it progressive- X fatique = no titan, X*2 fatigue = no super, etc etc.