Implants Risk vs Reward 2 ISD Boogaloo

Right, so since my last thread got locked by yet another overzelous ISD here is number 2…
Inb4 duplicate thread.

My concerns over implanted / expensive pods in LS and HS are genuine no matter how much salty Eleet Min Maxers try to flag this as a troll post.

Risk vs Reward is off the charts towards “reward” when it comes to piloting expensive pods in LS and HS and there needs to be a way to balance it out.

Thank you.


This won’t end well.

Not judging. Just sayin’

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INB4 the :lock:


In b4 lock.

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In before you get 24h ban :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In before


Also, make pods immune to attack for non criminals in high sec.

Yeah inb4 lock, pods should be left alone, and so sayeth my +5’s.

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why should they be left alone other than the exact risk averse behaviour of “I could loose x”

If I was risk averse i’d never undock.

Make pods indestructible.
And by god! Can these ships have more than a micromilimiter-thick hull? Even eggs have thicker shells!

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how about giving them a 3 second align time ?

If I was risk averse, I’d join CODE.

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@Luwc I’m still confused, why have implants die with the ship when they are built into the person in the pod itself? I can see maybe making the pod more killable maybe, but that’s only a problem for ships with long locking time and that in turn is essentially a choice made by the pilot, right?
Personally I only use implants for situations where I need a tiny bit more CPU or powergrid, and this makes them cheap, I gave up on nice ones for skills and stuff a long time ago, they just aren’t worth it. Still, I know people use expensive ones, but don’t see how, if you have killed their ship already, their implants or pods figure into it.

Made me chuckle :+1:

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they dont have to die with the ship.
Sure it might have been a stupid idea but you could balance it by giving pods a 2-3s+ align time, thus making them easier to catch.

But isn’t what they do a tradeoff of 100% risk for some random chance of reward?

Or increase signature, but still, if you want to catch tiny things fast, isn’t that what things like signal boosters are for?

even an instalocker can not catch pods that spam warp upon destruction of the ship.
That is the issue I am hinting at.

In order to get a pod you’d have to bring a dedicated smartbomber to the fight.
I don’t consider it balanced to have to bring +1 dedicated smartbombing ship (thus useless for mostly anything else) to catch a single pod that might or might not have implants.

That you can plug in billions worth of items into your clone and have those billions worth of items safely embedded into a pinata (that might have no implants at all on the other hand) that can instantly warp, thus forcing the opponent to field an extra cruiser or bigger with smartbombs just to catch that potential multibillion worth of items is as I mentioned… off the charts when it comes to risk vs. reward.

edit : you can still keep the small sig, just make it warp slower. Most T1 frigs have a frig sig but 2+ Second align time.
Why not give the pod also a 2-3s align time thus actualy making your point work : fast locking frigs catching it.

?? Expensive pods??
Did you pay for your pod?


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