Implant Advice

Have got some money and decided to start researching implants.
Tell me how this looks for an arty fit Maelstrom or Mach. Blitzing not in mind.
Slot 1-4 Full Genolution set
Slot 6 6% extra powergrid
Slot 7 6% tracking speed bonus
Slot 8 5% bonus to tracking speed
Slot 9 7% bonus to rate of fire
Slot 10 5% bonus to damage of large projectile turret dmg

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Too damn expensive. A 2.7+ billion isk pod is NOT something you use on a rinky dink T1 battleship. The degree of risk you are considering taking on there is insane. Especially since the forums are an open to anyone to peruse experience. (And thus paint an enormous target on your head.)

Smarter to green up a ship fit with a little bling in the tank than it is to go for broke on a pod considering that any ship can be blown up with enough people shooting it even in high security space. Its just a matter of them being interested in hunting you down to do so. If you aren’t trying to go for incursions or burners in high sec aim for an implant set that is 3-4% in the stats you are interested in. Far easier on the pocketbook if you end up needing to replace it.

Not to mention unless you are planning to be Omega every time you have to refit the clone you can’t use half that stuff anyways! And from the other thread I already know you are an alpha clone player. And at 4% implants you bring the total cost of the pod down to about 1 billion isk. Still high, but not as crazy. Plus I think that is the threshold for the third rank of cybernetics being barely enough for some implants.

Firstly, this is a fourums alt. :stuck_out_tongue: And secondly I said blitzing was not in mind. I didn’t mention that I will do it in the future (my b) Lastly (also my bad) only checked the price for the Genolution set which came In at around 500m total and I figured that the other implants would be an extra 100m. Doing this from my phone right now so I checked eve market data and found that some of those implants are going for over 4bil (namely the ROF one and ogdin’s plastic eye shit) Better to do my research on the PC next time. I figured that a balance between the fit pricing and pod would be acceptable if everything was under 1bil. SUPRISE Those jita men are real ballsy thinking the can get away with 4bil for a plastic eyeball.

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Didn’t say a thing about blitzing, I said if you aren’t doing burners or incursions you really have no need for implants that expensive in high security space.

Burners being a special restricted type of L4s that force frigates and cruisers and drug usage with some tight T2 fitting against NPCs with player PvP levels of damage.

Incursions being fleet content where having a good implant set improving your buffer tank substantially can come in incredibly handy.

I also thought of the implants as being more permanent than the maelstrom as I will swap over to Mach once I’ve got a fat enough wallet with a super bling fit. Also better to put bling on your pod if your in hisec as anything that is hunting a BS would have a hard Time locking a pod (provided I don’t rage quit at that point and it isn’t a frigate pack) Thankyou for bringing the cost issues to my attention though, it will undoubtedly have saved me a headache in the future when I realized that the pod would cost five times more that a moderately bling-y Machariel.

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You’re right about the blitzing thing tho… I just looked at your comment again and realized you didn’t say anything about blitzing…

EDIT: just read your comment again assumed that when you said burners that you would be blitzing them as well. Better to cut as many corners in a burner as possible avoid the ridiculous damage in your tiny hull. For burners tho tank implants would be better (crystal, The armor tank implant or some capacitor buff implant comes to mind)A

Damn I am on a roll tonight. :smiley:

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Also, if you are blitzing plexing an acc will be of no problem and staying under that 30 day deadline to make your next 1.7 bil or so. I’m pretty sure you could get by on 2 hours a day and that is why I am not considering ascendacy implants.

Just say no to bling.

I honestly don’t understand that sort of advice. Blinging your head for high sec missions is about as safe as it gets. Granted, that’s not the way I’d do it but I don’t have much issue with the price tag.

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Well…if someone wants to make themselves an attractive loot pinata in a pve ship, then bling away.

Pod jumping is pretty handy, imo, but if you don’t want to do that ok. Bling all the things!


The basic rule in Eve is “don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose”. Within that guideline, it’s a game, if flying a blinged out ship or pod increases your enjoyment, go for it. Just be aware that other players enjoy hunting high value PVE ships and you are unlikely to recover the cost of the shiny gear in increased efficiency.

I don’t get why people are acting like its so easy to lose a pod in highsec…unless someone is risking smartbombing and has some seriously fast reactions you shouldn’t ever be losing a pod. You are given a free server tick to get the pod off and they basically instawarp. If you’re going down spam that warp button and be gone. A nice head is an investment that goes past ship choice. And hey if you’re gonna go out and do dumb ■■■■ you can always JC to an empty head right…


I don’t understand the mentality of not spending a lot of isk on implants. I’m over here with a HG Snake, HG Asklepian, MG Crystals, Nomads and a Genolution set and I haven’t lost a pod unintentionally in years. It’s so incredibly easy to not lose pods. Just stay out of null. Watch out for SBs in lowsec. Just don’t get podded. That’s it. It’s that freaking easy.


Isn’t that mutual exclusive? And can you point me to the missions that pay 1.7 billion in a week?

Depends on how many hours a day you want to spend on them. I hear level 4 burners can pay pretty well though. I personally don’t do missions though so I don’t have any names for you of them. Its possible to make a couple billion a week running DED sites for loot if you devote 4-5hrs a day doing it. In fact if you know the locals you can quite literally make millions selling BMs for them too.

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Well, in my opinion that doesn’t look too bad. Just play the game the way you want to, not how others want you to play.

Despite what others may say, high sec is actually the safest place to have top level implants as well as bling ship fits. Just remember to pay attention, fly smart and maintain a defensive posture. In other words, pilot your ship as if everybody is out to get you and act like you’re traveling in low/null sec space. That means watching local and overview / grid activity, using safe spots, flying manually with ‘warp to 0 jump’, keeping defensive mods active at all times, etc.

Now if you’re going to do risky stuff such as travel in low/null sec, just set up jump clones with lower value implants and pilot low ISK value ship fits. What’s really cool about having multiple jump clones is they can be set up to boost different types of weapons and or ship fits.

Most of my ships are shield tanks. All of my small hull class ships and some of my medium hull class ships are Buffer tanks with Extenders. The rest of my medium hull class ships and all of my large hull class ships are Active tanks. As such I have Hardwiring Implants to help boost the stats of my ships.

These are my Augmentations which I’ve had for a long time:


Implant slots #1 to #5 are +5 Improved
Hardwired slots for ship needs -
Slot #6 = Zainou ‘Gnome’ Shield Upgrades SU-605
(5% reduced power grid need for modules requiring Shield Upgrades skill)
Slot #7 = Zainou ‘Gnome’ Shield Management SM-705
(5% bonus to shield capacity)
Slot #8 = Poteque ‘Prospector’ Astrometric Rangefinding AR-806
(6% stronger scanning strength with scan probes)
Slot #9 = Zainou ‘Gnome’ Shield Operation SP-905
(5% boost to shield recharge rate)
Slot #10 = Zainou ‘Deadeye’ Rapid Launch RL-1005
(5% bonus to all missile launcher rate of fire)

Despite the fact that most of my ships are bling fits, I rarely ever think about using jump clones or low value ship fits anymore for travel through low/null sec space. Years ago I use to get the jitters with heart pounding reaction when traveling through low/null sec, now it’s just basically ho hum due to years of experience at flying defensively as well as having high skill levels.

So yeah, just play the game the way you want to play, you’ll enjoy it a lot more. Besides that, what else are you going to spend the ISK on anyway?


@Ricky_F_Digits, yeah burner missions are for me, they cost too much for no gain.

And I do love DED complexes, though in highsec, many people do them, so no money here either.
Thanks for the advice.

I go out to places like Aridia or Holden Heath to run ded sites…even solitude is good. Its all about finding hard to reach places, often hard to reach due to gate camps and pirate activity, but never the less cloakies are well suited for accessing these areas…and makes me great isk. Trick is finding a WH back to where you intend to take the loot.

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Ogdin’s is ~120mil in jita right now, which is cheaper than the 5% version mp-705. I’d recommend this implant to pretty much everyone that uses guns.

slot 6: I dislike the PG implants on main clones, and only really like 1-3% for specific pvp fits where it’s cheap enough you don’t mind losing it. Maybe it gives you some cool fit you couldn’t otherwise do, I’d probably go some general implant like a navigation, NN-605, Or a cap implant EO-605
slot 7: Ogdin’s all the way!
slot 8: Zor’s custom navigation hyper-link is my typical recommendation here extra AB/MWD speed is nice on just about everything. Also there’s no gunnery implant that applies to a BS hull. The only other thing would really be a cap implant. EM-805
slot 9: Drop down to a 5 or 6% implant. the 7% one probably costs more than it’s worth for your purposes at least. Personally I run the damage implant rather than the rate of fire one.
slot 10: Agree with you on the 5% projectile implant LP-1005

I find the 5% implants to typically be the best in price/performance. can do 6%s if you want to bling it.

as far as ganking goes, people can scan your ship, they can’t scan your head. Blinging the implants is typically safer than blinging the ship. And learn to instawarp your pod out. For pvp I like empty pods so I can take the pod express home.

that implant is very situational, for general use might be better off with a 3% pg implant if we want the cost to be evenish. whats -5% PG on a shield extender or two vs +3% PG on a ship?


I highly recommend the WS-618 if you’re doing pve, especially if you’re doing it in a mach with its high base warp speed