Pods, Implants, and Loot/Salvage

So right now the way pods work is pretty straightforward, lose it, lose everything in it.

That’s fair enough.

However running in a 3-4 bil pod, the commitment, time and effort it took to get the isk to make it, not to mention the content and possibilities it brings to friendly fleets, to simply have it get smartbombed away in half a second, with zero chance of saving or even salvaging anything back from it, kinda feels like something’s missing in terms of gameplay.
Even if just to even-out the balance of the risk taken when going out there and using them vs the risk taken in destroying them (next to zero).

Im sure Im not alone in this, when it simply comes down to having to just do pvp without implants, or only using cheap ones.

There should be some form of anticipating incentive to an expensive podloss in my opinion, as often in battle, there is little way to know in time how X enemy ship is fitted.

Saying all that, has there been thoughts or ideas put forward in the past in improving pod/corpse destruction/salvage at all ? Just like ship looting, in order to, at the least, have the option of getting “something” back from a hard-earned pod.
Or even a pod insurance system ?

Note that I don’t aim to dump a load on smartbomb podkillers at all in this post, that’s a respectable gameplay style by itself, but I just feel the whole dynamic to be utterly imbalanced at the moment when expensive pods are concerned.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

You don’t have to take the expensive implants into battle - that’s a choice. Is the benefit worth the risk? That’s a personal decision. Eve is a game where choices have consequences. Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.


It’s a choice yea, naturally …

All Im saying is that such a choice should come with its share of balance/weight in terms of gameplay, or else, I guess I shouldn’t be using them to begin with, unless I ditch out 30 bil a month to fund them…
And realistically at that price, compared to how easy it is to kill one, it’s hardly worth anyone’s time and effort.

We could discuss ways to set the balance right, or we could just churn out who’s more readup on Eve Online game definitions and how to play it …

Same as ships, if you can’t afford to lose it then don’t use it.

If you are pixel terrified to PvP without max gear then you are in the wrong game.

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Meh, I think it works pretty well as is. Just scale the cost of the pod to the risk and activity.

I guess I’m not strictly opposed to implants having a possibility of dropping (to the winner goes the spoils), but it would affect the incomes of various careers (i.e. exploration and those that earn LP). So, it’s something to consider.

I am, however, opposed to pod insurance. Insurance already pays out more than it takes in, so it would turn insurance into a bigger isk faucet. Moreover, it would make loss less meaningful.

You solved your own problem.
This is exactly the way it works now.

“I put in more imaginary space money into it, so I deserve better treatment!” -entitled whining, 2020

Edit: I went back to check, the implants dropping is a temporary event. (url is timestamped link to the EVE Pulse video by CCP). So why are you getting your panties in a twist over a temporary event?


That’s ok Scoots, we know you’re spoiled, and don’t grind ■■■■ for your isk, you pay for it with your superior RL $$ earnings …

Which kinda warps your sense of ingame pixels vs time spent earning them, and so anything you might want to say about entitlement, nor a possible imbalanced game mechanic …

Scaling the cost of activity, sure, I could. I could just not work hard for HG implants and fly cheap stuff, and have easy life, it would get boring fast though. Implants give you more options, are a bitch to aquire for most people, yet devoid of any form of “panic button” in time of distress. I mean even Rorquals or Marauders cost even less and still have more panic leverage options.

I fly how I want to fly, and if I feel a mechanic isn’t balanced enough compared to the ammount of time/isk investment I put in, I’ll remain vocal about it.

Can you show me some proof of this?
Besides, again, the event is TEMPORARY.

No need to, those who have seen you brag about it will know, and those that don’t will at the very least suspect you do by this.

And I dont need to prove what you already know.

Then report me to CCP for RMT and let’s see what they do when you file fake reports.

Getting back on point, suck it up, kid.
You’d always lose implants when your pod is killed. You don’t get 'em back. Just because you think they’re expensive doesn’t mean you deserve better treatment. That’s the risk you take when you plug in implants.

I was’nt talking about any form of RMT you triple bellend, while Plex for Isk does indeed work for some…

And back on point, this is turning into yet another “Eve’s about…” feud, because you can’t seem to realize that it’s the same deal about implants thrown in comparison with expensive and risky shiptypes, ie: like Marauders, Rorquals… that all have some of form of panic leverage relative to their value and tactical importance in a fleet. Implants characters can have major and decisive impact in battle, yet with very little leverage/protection in case SHTF, as all it takes is just one well placed smartbomb and “poof”.

What are you even trying to say here?

If a smartbomb kills your pod, then you shouldn’t have been flying around idly in a pod with expensive implants. That’s how it’s ALWAYS been.

Seeing as I know you must pvp a lot, you know very well one often litterally has no choice but to find himself inbetween 1 or 2 ships equipped with smartbombs designed just for that …

Im saying “some” form of leverage would be nice, relative to the risk and isk spent into those things.

Again, wtf are you even trying to say?

You said in your opening post:

Which is correct.

But then you say:

You’re being an entitled piece of trash. You saying “I spent more money on it, I should get something back!” Which isn’t how it works in EVE.

You’re taking the risk by using implants. You’ve already enjoyed the benefits of those implants when they apply their bonuses to your ship. Now the risk is that you lose it all if you get podded. That’s how this works. You should not get a chance to “save” any of your implants just because you think some implants were expensive.

Why not ? People fly even less expensive things that are useful to a fleet yet they are entitled to panic mode leverage ?


Ok you’re not even reading what Im trying to say. No point responding to you.

No, I’m reading it, but you’re making horrifically bad arguments.
You trying to say that because Rorquals get a PANIC module that Pods should get the same thing.

I don’t even know where to begin with an argument that dumb.

You don’t know where to begin or is it because it might actually make sense ?

true, but most won’t kill a POD unless the person really pisses you off, or your just an @!%.

if this suggested change comes into play all it’ll do in engage gankers to 100% gank the pod just for the chance of getting an implant.

so it’ll kill the implant market as most will decide to "%#^ the Gankers, you’re not getting any implants from my dead corpse!"

most will agree with the above, no-one use implants anymore unless they are in a safe location, and everywhere else will have blank clones or low-grade implants.

all this suggested idea will do is encourage pod gankers, and remove any honor there was between PVP players of leaving the defeated player/s pod their way home.

as I see it will kill the implant market completely and all current implanted clones will be shelved in station in favor of blank clones.

that’s how I see this suggested change.