Nullified pod

I would really like interdection nullified pods.

Obviously there would have to be some sort of restriction, like a certain time it could be in space or au’s it could travel.

It could make an interesting game mechanic and could encourage more implants to be used/sold …Well it would for me knowing there was a chance of escape from a bubbler.
I play in WH and always have. This may be not so much of a worry in k-space I don’t know, but I am not willing to risk high value implants to be ganked by a sabre whilst out scanning. Which is fine, I won’t use them but if knew there was a chance of escape I would slap some on.


I am afraid that is sort of the point. You don’t get to have your cake and eat it too. Either fly with expensive implants and enjoy the advantage,or forgo both the risk and the reward and fly an empty pod.


I guess your right, it’s just sitting in a bubble waiting to die kinda sucks, cos there is nothing to do about it.
Just the chance to warp out if you are quick enough would be nice.

Or use a travel fit, fast aligning interceptor

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Yes always an option but that with the loss of bonuses other ships can bring.
Also it’s not just for scanning/running cans was just the most common example. I think that it would be nice to be able escape bubbles with our pods, obviously scram and point would still work.

Destruction of implants is necessary.

Each time you lose and replace them, you turn that economical cog one more click.

That said, mid grades (or -003’s) are a nice go-between. You still get a relatively decent bonus and the ISK hit upon loss is significantly lower.


If you can’t afford for risk losing implants, don’t use them. EVE is hard as life and you must accept that.

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Anyone that invests in expensive clones should be willing to put 30-40 million into an interceptor while they are at it.

We don’t need nullified pods.


Yeah. Well you can use your shiney pods with much less fear in highsec or lowsec if you want. Otherwise, console yourself with the fact that you get to use bubbles and other fun toys in a wormhole and possibly catch someone else’s shiney pod.

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Well your all right and I don’t think the risk should be reduced. Also I guess I made the wrong point with implants.
It takes skill to catch bubble and kill a ship that can fight back or escape and no skill to target a pod that can’t do anything but wait.

Maybe a compromise would be a 1b pod interdection implant :boom::boom::boom:

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Or, get rid of bubbles… annoying, lazy things they are :confused:


As annoying as they are when bubbled, I’d have to disagree with removing them. They are a valuable tool for catching marauding fleets.

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Yes removing bubbles is a silly idea

Low sec is were it is at if you want to fly flashy pods. There is still a heavy risk someone mean enough will hold you and wait for Smartbombs, but its rare.

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I like bubbles and see them as a valid tool. As for pods… Such is life.

Still if you had yo make a way for pods to be interdiction bubble proof… Make it a slot 6 implant, have it cost about 1 bil, and make it render a pod’s warp speed to that of a freighter.

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You can try to fly out of the bubble. If your enemies are distracted (by say, your fleet mates that haven’t been blown up yet) then you have a chance to get out.

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It would be interesting, but personally, not keen on nullified pods. I like the risk, it makes it more exciting. :slight_smile:

That said, bubbles are annoying and I’ve lost my fair share of pods in them (some pricey ones too), but I did make the choice to use the implants I did and have no regrets.


Generally I find that if I can’t warp straight out with my pod I’ll be scrammed and killed.
I do fly small gang or get ganked whilst solo though

Risk / reward. I would consider it balanced.

Yeah, if you’re alone or in a small gang and you get caught in a bubble you’re in trouble unless you die near the edge and can get out before they can lock you. It still takes some time to lock a pod though, unless they’re fit for catching pods.