Podding in Jspace

Hello all,

When I first joined jspace, I was told only to pod in 4 situations:

  1. eviction
  2. fleet fights
  3. high value (dread gank)
    4)they’ve done it to you numerous times
    *or if they are in your hole☆

This weekend, I spent 3 hours doing nothing but scanning and traveling so my two main characters could get back in the hole.

3 hours is a lot of time to waste just because someone wants to get a pod kill.

I’m not gonna lie, it really sucks. Getting a character back to your hole from kspace is a huge time commitment. I spent most of my time playing Eve this weekend just trying to get my characters back in the hole which is not super fun

So why do people pod after ganks in wormhole space? Am I naive and was my mentor naive?

Is it just that they don’t care that they are hugely inconveniencing the other person or do they enjoy that fact?

If any insight could be shared I’d appreciate it.

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Yes, they comment on every post I make. No, they don’t play the game anymore. Yes, those are their real zkills.

Oh snap he’s back with another one!

TLDR: Yes you were naïve. Always expect pod death, its a valid tactic, learn to EVE :smiley:


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  1. Evidently not as you keep posting obvious threads :smiley:
  2. Bro, you def not my type :smiley: Thanks for the compliment tho :smiley:
  • First of all, killboard shaming is against the rules.
  • Second, many guys have alts, so it’s not the dunk that you think it is.
  • Third, some players chose to act honorably, while others have no compunction. The key here though is choice. So, I’m not exactly sure why you keep acting surprised when you encounter others that don’t follow the same code of behavior that you do.

If you want to follow the Wormholer’s Bushido code, then great. But don’t expect everyone else to follow your same code of behavior. They are free to play villains, heroes, and everything in-between.

And if someone does wrong by you, you should either let it go, or create some content by trying to get revenge. However, what you probably shouldn’t do is sit around complaining about it. No one cares, and it isn’t going to change anything.


Its all he does :smiley: Although the salt he provides is probably like the highest grade you can get anywhere.

It is amazing.


aka: Don’t pee in the Bushes.

If you live in a wormhole and call it home: always, always, always (really, always) make sure you have an Alt in the hole so they can scan down the connections back to New Eden from the inside out. It’s a lot quicker. If needs be, make an Alpha account just for that purpose.
And don’t jump in and start scanning immediately after the attack: there’s someone hostile in your hole that might kill your Alt was well.

Whether someone pods you or not is their choice, not yours. You have no say in the matter unless you as slippery enough to escape, and if they’ve got the attack right that won’t happen. Killing a pod in wormhole space is often a kindness as a pod is unable to scan a route out if they haven’t been leaving a trail of breadcrumb bookmarks back out.
Also, if you are trying to evict someone from their wormhole, podding them is also a good approach as it pushes that character/player out of the hole for a period while you take over.

Yes, you are in a wormhole, you were being naïve for someone living in a wormhole, it’s a valid and common tactic, and you should know as a wormhole resident that you should expect it. Don’t lash back as someone just because you made a mistake and they pointed it out to you. Don’t post or reply when angry: you just look like a raging fool. Hopefully your attacker has seen it and your tears have given them a little more satisfaction for free - I assume that was what you were trying to achieve?

My last loss was in a wormhole where I was podded as well - It was a neatly played attack: I didn’t stand a chance. I learnt from the error I made five minutes or so beforehand that led to the attack so it wasn’t a complete loss. Half-a-billion was an expensive lesson. So be it.


If people think they can annoy you by podding you after you talk down to them in local, they probably will.

As I read your contribution to local chat leading up to the podding (which was shared in the previous thread you opened on this topic) I wholeheartedly agree with their decision to pod you whenever you give them that chance.

If you don’t want to waste 3 hours scanning next time you get killed, maybe act nice for a change?

They could still pod you, but at least you’re not giving them an additional reason to pod you.


I’ve ganked lots of people in wormholes and gone for the pod every single time. I just thought that was how the game goes. This is honestly the first time I’ve heard you aren’t supposed to pod in J space. The only time I don’t go for the pod is in LS because it hurts standings a lot.

OP jumped a prospect in a Tengu/sabre. Whined in local when he was dying that it wasn’t a fair fight lol. Now he is on the forum complaining he got podded.


I pod anyone I can anywhere I can unless there is a strategic reason not to such as delaying them reshipping or wanting to avoid a timer which would get me stuck on one side of a gate or stop me from docking if needed.

Generally from my perspective, in a wormhole there is no reason not to pod someone. They could have juicy implants and Inconveniencing them is not my concern as they were the target/enemy anyway. Plus the corpse containers need more residents.


Another great thread.


How can you collect their corpse if you dont pod them?


Lol you ganked a huffer and got podded. Don’t start an engagement if you aren’t prepared to deal with the consequences.

Want some actual advice? Consider joining a larger WH corp. You’ll always have a scanned chain and hopefully a way home.

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Only dishonor here is that you couldn’t kill a miner in a tengu…

Heh the truth comes out. I just wish he would actually report what happened instead of making like he is isn’t instigating it.

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Pretty much. This is eve, nobody really has common courtesy for eachother in pvp. Podding is a pretty standard part of pvp for most people in most situations

Healthy people can differentiate fiction from reality thus see no real harm in causing in-game disadvantage to others as it is the very foundation of the game (“build your dreams and wreck theirs”).

So for them there is not even a reason to contemplate not shooting something they can shoot on such principles as hurt feelings as nobody’s feelings should be hurt by a vid’ya game in the first place.

It is just a few clicks of in-game activity, a natural part of the environment, that’s it.

You been real quiet since the truth dropped.

You ok bud?