Are you Sure

… you want to send Verlyn to the biomass processing queue ?


See you in 10hrs for formal goodbyes, along with screenshot.







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No reasons behind this? As a recruiter in real life I am always interested to hear why people choose to leave EVE. Maybe just leave the character for future use?

I have been confident about leaving games and sometimes years later I returned with a bit of regret that I destroyed my character or gave all my money in-game. :slight_smile:

I’ll just copy-paste a recent slack discussion for clarification.

Goons, Delve. The land of milk and hone. Fleets around the clock and you should attend 5 of them per month.
You can do anything in Delve. Rat, mine, explore, pvp, build stuff…
And one haven is cleared in 15-20 Mins, even with Battleships and it gives you like almost 30m. So 90m for one hour, if you use a dominix or a rarrlesnake
Vexor Navy takes longer
Carrier faster
Don’t biomass. Just stop. Skillpoints are very valuable. Even, if you create a new capsuleer later… You can extract and inject them.

Verlyn [12:28 PM]
And grind isk and RL time to do what with it exactly ? To roflstomp helpless scrubs in with ships and fleets or just be the roflstomped scrub yourself by fleets ? The will for interactions in this game is just gone for me, people don’t go looking for interesting fights anymore they just want the kill, and thats true everywhere in the game now. RvB and a more consensual pvp doesnt really attract me in the end as i feel its more of band-aid to something that should’ve been fixed by playerbase long ago. Truth is it hasn’t and so I dont see a reason to to contribute my time to it.
And 90m for one hour, considering I need to constantly fly BLING to be optimal as a solo or 2man gang player (the only type of gameplay i could enjoy to fight the blob with), is peanuts, and I dont intend to spend 10+ hours just to be able to afford only half of what a HG Snake set would cost …
■■■■ to that
Thanks for trying to help though
appreciate it

Also, I don’t think the game will be around long enough for me to build regret over it, and more of a good-riddance.

And for more clarification, I currently have an arty HFI sitting in hangar, I wouldve so liked to try out solo with snakes.

But to fly it well and solo, I need that HG Snake set, and either need to pay 50 bucks to get the isk right away or grind like a muppet.

And then, I would eventually lose it, pod included, within the next couple month or so, due to making a mistake (mistakes always happen), and people’s major preference and available options to blob and overkill anything ingame, solely for the reason they can. Rinse and repeat…

If there ever was a point to me biomassing and completely leaving this game and people behind, that sentence above illustrates it well enough.

To function properly and how i want in eve, would require a minimum of 15 - 20 bil a month, with a bare minimum effort.

And lets be honest, the RL time and effort to make that kind of isk ingame VS the RL time I have to dedicate to it as a video game ?

It’s nowhere near close, nor likely will it ever incline to be IRL.

Now closing on 34 years old, been playing this game and struggling with it for the past 10 years, and not intending on still struggling like this, over a videogame, while potentially raising a family and turning gray. The potential family especially, and how they would understand the future me, still playing at what I now conclude and consider to be a proper mental disease.

So yea, it’s ciao folks !

PS: Before any of you ask, I would only give my stuff or sp to a relative or a close friend irl that would want to play it, and since I neither have both, nor likely ever will have for this game, don’t waste your time asking for it, and if you still ask for it for the sole purpose of being a trolling waste of space and typically what everybody does, then I have this one thing to say to you, truly, that only god can help you, and he, doesn’t even exist.




Want a cookie ?

Your weakness disgusts me. Farewell.

Bye Felicia (?)

All the reasons are fine… but I fail to see the need to biomass.

9 months ago a corp member said very similar things when he left the game. Biomassed his toon. Now he’s back with a new toon. It costs nothing to keep the character around. I took a break for many years… and now I’m back with the same toon. Was nice being able to fly good ships right out of the gate.

Not saying you shouldn’t quit… but biomassing the toon seems pointless. It’s like deciding you don’t want to ride a bike anymore and putting an expensive carbon frame bike in a trash compactor when you stop. You don’t lose anything by just sticking it in your attic… and if you decide to take up bike riding again you’ll have a nice frame. Why destroy it when you quit?

Sounds like the OP now considers EVE to be an addiction or mental disease. If you decide to quit smoking, do you simply take the cigarette pack out of your pocket and put it on a shelf? No, you throw it away because the temptation will always be sitting right there on the shelf if you don’t…

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Considering HG snakes a must is probably an issue…
Theres so many ships that can be useful with what it seems to be what you would like to do… (Arty cynabal, for example has pretty much the same dps/alpha than that HFI, plus is faster, more agile, warps faster, etc, w/o the snakes).
Also 90m/hr it’s pretty low standard… I know I can easily surpass that, albeit with a bit more risk ussually; or no risk at all (hello FW).
Anyway, good luck IRL.

Well… I struggle with the comparison. The game is the game. It will still exist and be available regardless of if his toon exists or not. And it’s just as accessible… just with a new toon instead of a skilled up one. An addict might destroy his cool specially crafted smoking jacket and cigarette holder… but he can still stop at a store and pick up more cigarettes if he wants to start smoking again. A player can reinstall eve and create a new toon if he wants to start playing again. Deleting the app from your computer should be sufficient.

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Hello Verlyn, it’s me your cousin bob, you know, bob, do you remember me? Of course you do! Did not even know you played EVE. Anyway, sad you quit. Can I have your stuff?


Let’s see here, looking around the room…
Maybe that guy over…nope.
Mayber her ove…nope.
Maybe the person who just came in? Nope.

Anyone? Does anyone here have a single fuq to give?


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Pffft! You don’t even look like cousin Bob. However, I do look like Bob and answer to the name as well…Sadly, I have no interest in your stuff. Best solution is to have your wife change the password for EVE and not tell you, have her write it down and place in a sealed envelope, and store it in a desk or ,better yet, a safety deposit box. Then delete the game from your computer and make sure you remove yourself from all EVE mailing lists. You may never come back to EVE, but you never know…:wink:

Actually, maybe I, a little bit.

Just to say farewell and good luck o/


Didn’t need that thing called empathy anyway right ?


And probably need a new pair of eyes as well.

Not that I give a fuq of who you are, where you’re from though. Just another random idiot, like the many who so thrive in this community.

Mmmmmmm salt.

It brings out the flavor of bitterness.

Extracted until the end :smiling_imp:

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