Why should I renew my subscription?

(Salvos Rhoska) #679

What if SP farms had not been made possible?
Would your decision at this point have been different?

(Ima Wreckyou) #680

As I said, the extractor stuff added to the overall picture of CCP over-monetizing the game, but it is not the reason I asked the question in the op.

Since the PLEX I use currently comes from a stash of PLEXes I already own I don’t use an SP farm to sub my main.

So the answer is: No

(Salvos Rhoska) #681

But you do have an SP farm, correct?

What do you currently do with it, if anything?

(Ima Wreckyou) #682

The SP farm consists of multiple suicide gank and support alts with limited SP requirements and is used to reduce their PLEX costs for years. Nothing changes there.

(Salvos Rhoska) #683

But you now no longer PLEX them?

You said you have now only PLEXed your main.

(Anderson Geten) #684

if you don’t feel the like to susrcibe, you may as well consider the impact of Eve on your IRL.

(Ima Wreckyou) #685

I did not change anything on how I run the other accounts

(Belmarduk) #686

I agree 100% with OP
I have not logged in for about a year now - I do not even know if my Skill-Training is still running - I dont care anymore
Eve is not anymore what is was
Finally totally abandoning “Walking on stations” was the final straw for me
As someone wrote - EA taking over EVE - well that would really be the end…

(CMDR-HerpyDerpy Hurishima) #687

i was there too, but not anymore. Real life calls :frowning:
also because im only a teen i can’t afford the sub until i find a job, none in my area :confused:
hopefuly when i come back to the game, its still alive. But atleast i was there for some of it :slight_smile:

(Vol Arm'OOO) #688

Skill injectors are a terrible thing for new players. All it does is get new players into more expensive ships easier which just makes them loot piñatas. Instead of losing a cheap t1 ship, skill injectors means that they lose that expensive capital or pirate bs. More tears and rage result because they don’t understand that “sp” doesn’t equal player skill, which in turn means that they quit faster.

(Lena Crews) #689

Well… I’d say it CAN be bad for new players.

If new players use injectors to get into bigger ships faster… that’s probably not the best thing. If they use them to get great core skills while the progress slower up the skill tree… that isn’t such a bad thing.

If I were to inject to get T2 small weapons, T2 light drones, and great fitting/tank/navigation/targeting skills… but still stuck with learning on frigates or destroyers… that would probably be a great thing for new players.

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #690

This. Every time I use the mini injector for the tutorial, I always use it on support skills. Drones V takes forever as an Alpha :smile:

–Gadget is Legion

(Salt Foambreaker) #691

Forum PvP of course…

(Alpha Slow) #692

You are making a lot of assumptions there and nobody has echoed your sentiments.

OP made this long winded emotional cry-cry argument to whine about skill injectors because he doesn’t like the idea that people have the ability to catch up to him.

What a great end to an awful person.

Uh oh, Alpha Slow made another post. Time to log on a bunch of alts again. :rofl:

(Baba Ji) #693

Know that,as in life,there is much that many have looked upon but few have seen.
Remember where you were.
Realize where you are.
Know where you want to go.
Before doing so,reflect to be sure your path is the one you can live with.

(DrysonBennington) #694

If Eve Online isn’t to your liking Ima Wreck You, then perhaps you should design your own board game called Space Barbie Bandits and pwn all of the Freighters you want to all day long…or evolve and come into Null Space and Barbie up.

(DeMichael Crimson) #695

Fixed that for you.


(Ima Wreckyou) #696

If I would design a board game I would call it: “DrysonBennington’s Call For Providence - Scissor Attack on High Sector”.

It would feature a board where you could compete with other “famous” ag admirals. There is not really a goal or something, but they would just endlessly run in circles with points gained by inventing the most insane and unworkable idea.

There will also be some random event cards, where you would get set back repeatedly by sudden toxic internal flamewars (every second turn or something) or suddenly get your corp wrecked by Tweeps.

Did not know you had barbies in nullsec.

(Salvos Rhoska) #697

How many PLEX are you now, currently, sinking per month?

(Pretentious Knob) #698

Mate I can relate to your OP.
First of all this is an ALT.
I have 8 accounts with which I pay for with RL money.
I multibox like anything and while I still love EVE and have been playing since Jan 2009 I am also feeling a little Meh about the future.
I have been to EVE Vegas, I have been to EVE Downunder and honestly, each time the highlight was meeting my friends. Info about the game was meh for me anyway.
Come Jan 2019 is crunch time for me. Do I stay I do I take my 8 accounts and look at un-subbing and just leave for a bit and see what happens.
CCP love you guys, love the game. I hope the future is bright.