Should I (WE) keep playing?

Greetings fellow Capsuleers,

I’m playing this game from 2014 with breaks between my “seasons of eve”.
I’m currently considering of ending all my subscriptions, and would like to get your input to my decision of winning eve or not.

First of all, I should describe the kind of “Capsuleer” I 'm.
I like to multibox and have 10-12 accounts subscribed. If you would like to know as to why, it’s very simple actually. I’t keeps me more engaged with the game and I can organize more possible game-play scenarios in the game. Don’t get the impression that i’m a isk printing Capsuleer because i’m multiboxing. I pay normally with irl. money, because it’s a hobby. There are occasions that i can plex and I will do it, but it’s more like a reward for my achievement in the game than i feel that i’m obliged to achieve it.

Here we go, my problems with the game;

  1. Game is being catered to people that are mostly alpha or just began the game and expect it to be a theme-park game where they can just reach “max level” in 1-2 months and be able to kill all and everything in the game with their small gang of couple friends. This mentality of CCP is killing this game and it’s aspect of being a sandbox. You just accept that a game like this is not meant to people that have goals that can’t even stretch out as far as 1-2 months and expect an end game in just couple months. I think new players are very important to the game and that it should be welcoming, but screwing over your player base that played for years and years, it’s not fair in my books. The talk about to much capitals or “the problem of being to strong” and again same people and same mentality. There isn’t to much capitals but you just need to understand that this game is existing already 14+ years and it’s normal that people will reach the ships that are here from the beginning and are here as the only ones still. But than again the people that expect this game to be like wow and want to get their daily dosis of instant gratification with killing a capital with just a kitchen-sink fleet that’s 1/5 the worth of the capital ship. Amazes me how a company can be like this and allow it’s long term players being in such and disadvantage and now what happened ? There isn’t anyone to shoot right ?

  2. Scarcity, what should I complain about ? I think it had the goal to boost plex sales but nobody thought the effect of it on industry and just everything in eve. You want activity in a game and people being able to do it and not something like this. It’s also bad for people that play to plex and I think that should be possible and not be a mission impossible.

  3. Catering to small group that consist of short term players mostly!
    This game is being advertised as a sandbox multiplayer PLAYER EMPIRE BUILDING game.
    If people (thousands of people) go together to create their own empire in a lawless place. How can it be thought as it’s cool that some people can come in as they wish and just kill the residents on a free basis to have content ? And than ask to make it also easy to kill and not to get killed ? How can a company that is right in management level cater to people like that, how can a person with common sense demand something like that, i just don’t get the thought process. You complain about people warping off and call them bot always but you know, most time it’s just people that don’t want to be your free content for that day, like how can you feel so entitled to kill another player when he doesn’t consent to the engagement. And than the most absurd part is that they really dare to ask to make it even more profitable to them and easier. It’s beyond my imagination that a company follows that people (a minority in the game) that are mostly in alpha free to play state and imagine that couple frigates should be able to take on an empire…

  4. Bad management of the game. This game is going in a very bad direction, decisions are being made that are for very short term gains, is the impression that I get with the course of the changes. Another ship class is made useless as in regards marauders. They are now a free content for just couple frigates and the short term players. Screwing over their long term players again and again and again.

I actually made my mind and i’m 100% winning this game when i was writing this made me damn more aware that as long term player i’m just not taken in to consideration in any game-play. People asking for delayed local and all that useless junk ideas, i hope that ccp follows all of them and just puts a big strong NAIL ON THE COFFIN. And I invite all of the people to #holdforchange and please stop all plex transactions, let the plex drop in the deepest hole that ever existed in eve and just stop all your supply-chains. Make them feel it, make them understand that the players that they really dishonor and abandon are the people that make this universe run. Just a shame of a management that’s most likely leading eve to it’s death.

Thank you for reading and be safe o7.

I mentioned in here about free alpha players and I didn’t mean in any bad way or form or make them seem insignificant in general. Because they are also Capsuleers and are a very good part of eve that gives it more live and hopefully if any can not pay because of irl. I wish you best luck and hope you can afford as much as you want and because of that people should be able to plex their account with a reasonable effort. But I think as I said, it’s wrong to cater to that player base as if their the only people playing the game and in the broader spectrum of the meaning of ‘free to play alpha’ that I ment, as also new people that expect this game to be a wow a like theme-park game and reach “end-game” in couple months and are actively campaigning to turn this nice game that is EvE SANDBOX in to a theme- park with just goals that will be completed in an time frame of 1 month and just be played for 1,5 months. The typical theme-park player… Funy / sad part is that EvE is really turning in a game like that :confused: .

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No one cares.

Goodbye !


I care enough to ask can I have your stuff?


His stuff is tainted, but whatever.


You dont care about this as long as you are only 1000 people in the game. Good luck…

Is that how your mother talked to you so you act that way too?

Calm down miner !

When I read this, I had to think about dinosaurs, long term players who can’t adapt to changes. I can only guess you are a multi-box miner in nullsec rental space, and got mad about scarcity and some embarrassing losses to frig roaming gangs.

Leave (and contract you stuff to me) … or, maybe, try something else?


Bro I skipped all you post.

This decision is up to you, to me it was the best decision evar. I just log for SP and move on. Now I do more work out, more time to my own stuff and I scored a new job.

Your mileage may vary. I realized game industry either level up to my new expectation or I gonna stay with chess. Anxiety industry 3.0 is not gonna get one more penny from me.


Win EVE.

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I will, come the new yr. :sunglasses:

Of all things, my cousin is stuck listening to me yak about the game while I fix his stuff. Now he wants to see the graphics of the game.

I’m going to run a mission for him while he watches, but make sure he doesn’t get too interested in the game at this point.

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Worth repeating.


Don’t let any vendor get into your soul and mind. It’s the game itself and the people playing it that are worthy of your passion, your cash and your time. It’s okay to have an EvE tattoo, but rubbish to have a ccp tattoo :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

If you need some time - and that may be a couple of years - to take distance and recharge your cap, take it. But do it for the right reasons, for what is being done to the game itself, not so much for how ccp advertises (unless they do it in-game, which really is where the line is drawn). That is if you can’t stay, stand and fight for the game itself. Me, I’m staying, I love this game to death. And I want to know how this will play out because …

… here’s the thing:

If that PCU drops any further than it already has, no cool stories from any of those responsible for drastic changes and deaf ears will make any sort of an impression on top management anymore. Even they will realize that focusing on NPE without sustaining VPE (veteran player experience, sounds cool huh), squeezing the extra fast buck out of alphas (and driving them away because, you know, psy101 in a game of this magnitude and intricacy) is perhaps not a sustainable position.

After all, a drastic PCU drop does equate to business failure, what else would you call it.

And the times are not in ccp’s favor. If a company starts to believe its own marketing slogans that’s usually when they start making poor decisions. If marketers start running the company, well, bad things will happen in the long run. These people should excel at selling the product that is available, not demanding a different product they think they can sell better / easier, and certainly never, on any account, get involved in designing the product. It will be the next diet coke vanilla and fail miserably. For a one product company, that is a very serious situation.

Do what you feel okay with.


What an Excellent way to put it!


I want a pak where I can give more than 1 like to someone’s post!

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Coming Soon™ in the cash store :rofl:

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Facepalm, I should have known…

Edit; Come to think of it, I would pay it for a statement like that!

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You are too kind, sir. I take it you will try to kill my ship now at next undock ? Typical, smh.

If you have to ask the question “should I keep playing?” Then it’s time for you to move on and find something else.

The saddest part is I hardly play anymore. Killing you would be a blow to the game I could not deliver.

The game is in trouble enough. :wink: