Should I (WE) keep playing?

Yes and no. I gave up and then came back. It’s hard to say during these times which I even have a hard time categorizing? Did we even leave the age of chaos yet? Some said yes, but I don’t know?

i didn’t say permanently… there’s been times i’ve left but came back, even asking that question myself.

I’m used to these low numbers now. I thought they were comparable with when I started in 08.

Boy was I wrong. I just looked at what the pcu was for then in summer and it was quite a shock.

I hope the new meeting rooms at ccp central have plenty of airco. Must be quite hot in there by now. And no more coolaid, only fresh spring water for consumption, and plenty of coffee coz some overnighters are due.

Hears a question. How many of the present day dev’s have read
Sun Tzu - Wikipedia ?

This is required reading at most officer military training academies across the world.

How do you balance a pvp game without even knowing military strategy?

Sorry, I forgot they don’t care as long as you card something.

Not sure if every dev needs to read it, but at least some of the key designers and their bosses. Who, by the way, is now the chief designer since ccp seagull left ? Was anyone appointed, I don’t even know.
p.s. it also seems that a lot of the knowledge contained in the words “Crowd Control Productions” has left the building, a few basic works on psychology should be on the mandatory book list as well :grin:
p.s.2 at least we’re having fun here

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You seem to want to cost me a lot rl cash! :rofl:

I would pay it!

That’s what most players forgot…

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Okay, I read the entire OP, and since a TLDR wasn’t provided, I’m going to summarize it for everyone, since few will read such a long OP, basing their reply on the thread’s title.

A null-sec PvE-farming renter with a dozen capital/marauder accounts is making these complaints:

  • New players are able to catch up to old players too quickly (in just a few months), which is very unfair to veteran players like the OP, who gets screwed over because the investments they’ve made into capital ships are devalued and nullified. The OP feels that capital ships aren’t strong enough because they aren’t immune to being trapped and killed by gangs of sub-capital ships. This is a big problem because there are so few capital ships in the game as is. The OP is surprised that CCP as a company would allow end-game achievements for veterans (i.e. capital ships) to be so weak and easy to destroy by new players.

  • Scarcity is very bad for industry and the game because there’s less stuff being produced!

  • Small groups/roaming gangs continue to come into the OP’s null-sec space and harass thousands of its residents without their consent, which is very unfair, because the residents spent a lot of time building their empire. These invaders, who are usually Alpha players who show up in gangs of Tech I frigates, come in and destroy all of the residents’ hard work, and CCP needs to do something to stop this, instead of catering to them by making changes to the game like (I’m assuming) that NPC bounty-stealing thing they did. Players who spent a lot of time and effort building up their sovereign empires shouldn’t act as free content to groups of 2-month-old Alpha players flying around in small Tech I ships and expecting to be handed out free kills.

  • CCP nerfed marauders by making them so weak that they’re essentially free kills for a handful of Alpha frigate pilots.

  • The OP is calling for all sensible players to immediately stop supporting CCP by spending money on the game, until CCP realizes that players like the OP are the glue holding the game together, without whom the game can’t actually exist.

  • The OP is upset that CCP’s apparent emphasis on catering to Alpha players is turning the OP’s preferred sandbox gameplay into into a theme park (for reasons outlined above).

  • The OP feels entitled to their viewpoint because they’re a paying customer.

I swear I’m not making any of this up.


Since your TLDR is too long. I’m going to make a TLDR of your TLDR.

Nullsec carebear mad.


I went back and decided to quote the whole thing in a separate dated (non-edited) post, because these things have a penchant for being, uh, “edited out” by their creators when the replies aren’t going the way they want.

If ever there was a thread that summarized how null-sec is truly the open-world area where the real players go to engage in the real PvP unlike all the griefers clubbing baby seals in high-sec (and low-sec too, these days), this is it.


Yo, I’m one of those free alpha players you were talking about…can I have your stuff?


TLDR: Just because CCP doesn’t cater to you with every design decision, that doesn’t mean that they are killing your play style or ruining the game. Unfortunately, a lot of players are self-centered, and only consider changes as it affects them personally.

  1. Eve has a lot of different players with different play styles and values. CCP has to make all of them happy. Sometimes it does seem like the skew towards the wants and needs of some players and away from others. However, the idea that they are catering to non-paying players seems rather far fetched. Moreover, I firmly dispute the idea that CCP is catering to newbros at the expense of vets.
  2. Introducing scarcity to boost plex sales is a baseless conspiracy theory that ignores the very real evidence supporting CCP’s stated reasons for doing so (i.e. unsustainable economic activity and capital proliferation).
  3. They have been implementing things that appeal to such players, but that is not all they have been doing. And no, I don’t think that this is a bad thing, as not everyone can commit to lengthy play sessions (and this is coming from a guy who can sit as his computer so long that his nest thermostat thinks no one is at home, and goes into eco mode).
  4. Well, I too sometimes wonder about CCP’s competency and values. But then I see things like you claiming that marauders are being made worthless, and wonder how much of that is due to actual bad decisions at CCP, how much is due to us having different values and visions for the game, and how much is due to selfish players using motivated reasoning. Case in point, the maurader change is simultaneously being praised by hunters/aggressors and condemned by prey/defenders. Now, we could argue all day about which side is right. But I seriously doubt the disagreement stems from one side being stupid. In reality, players disagree because at least one side of this debate is more focused on how the change affects them personally, than they are on balance, proper risk to reward ratios, and whether or not the change is actually good for the game.

BTW, you have a couple of options for quitting. If you think you might come back one day, put your ■■■■ in an NPC station (I doubt CCP is going to create another pochven). And if you want some closure, give all your stuff to friends or a good cause (i.e. magic school bus, a player run tournament), or convert it all to plex and donate it to plex for good.
No P2W


Ok, we keep playing.

You should stop playing.

I should keep going.