Happy birth day eve and good bye

Yes I know my english is shitty but belive me it´s better than my Swedish that is my damn native language.

I will proboly get allot of troll and ■■■■ for this and why do I even make this topic. Because im a moron and love to talk with people because well im a people person.

Anway wanted to say I hope all of you keep having fun for another 17 years and fly safe and also stay safe during these trying times.

Im heading of becuse im not having fun anymore logging in feels like going to a job you hate like oh I gotta mine or do mission runing again so I can afford to have fun which we all do but 1 month and a half of same thing again and not feeling like I make any progress. Instead of doing what I would love to do.

Well I don´t mind grind but when it stops beeing fun I will have to admit to my self that maybe it´s not a game for you anymore.

I remeber when I started out (man does learning skills I hated them) Man I had fun everything was new and fun and yeras later even more fun beeing in null bashing a pos or being in a fleet fight with capitals.

today I log on man gotta keep making that isk so I can afford ■■■■ maybe join a corp yeah that went well first one was only me online for 17 days straight, Other one same thing third one said fine you can come and join us in null here have a free venture go and mine until you can afford a ship to ratt in well trying to make 300mill in a venture or level 3 mission felt like a job which yeah I know I have to do it but maybe I should not joined a null corp until i had the isk becuse even if I was in a corp I was alone in hig sec until I could afford a BS or Gila so it was not that I had to make does money that pissed me of it was im joining a corp but yet I feel alone every day mining away while they had fun.

Man I have so many found memories like the time a Tengu burnt hes weapon to fast he had to let my PVE fitted raven go because he could not shoot me anymore haha.

Or the first time I discovered null and lost a harbinger some some people in frigates and like okey what´s happening and man are these pirate npc I had no clue it was real players at first but man it still felt awesome.

Logging in today I just feel oh time to go back to work I guess please shoot me.

Well I got all that out the system please don´t hate so much on me okey im not begging for isk im not trying to sob. It´s just that I want to love this game but im not having fun. I just feel bored, frustrated and please end it all when I log in.


Same feelings bro.

Eve today get more and more like generic korean f2p mmo


Well the rewards for new players should improve now that ccp have realised it’s not a good idea to let vets farm without risk. So come back in a while and see where we are.

Normal EvE burn out.

Stop for 6 month and come back.
Only thing i always regret is that i stoped omega on a brake all those long skills that coud be done by now…

Until in a coupl month :slight_smile:


you don’t quit eve
you give a time
but you seem like a cool dude
i will not ask for your stuff lol

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Fly safe IRL! o/


You will only truly enjoy a game like EVE when you learn to not treat it as a job. Get out of your comfort zone. Stop farming ISK and treating every little bit of it as an end goal in itself. Money is just a tool for you to have fun, like ships and modules. It’s okay to make money; I mean, almost all of us need it. Just don’t take things too far.

Go out and create something. Cause some drama. Do something absolutely ludicrous. Find a low-sec pirate gate camp, warp in a cheaply-fit battleship with a cargohold full of alcohol and male exotic dancers 2,000km away from them, and say something along the lines of “ya’ll think you big dogs in this here prison yard? I bet you ain’t ever seen REAL crazy before” while activating your self-destruct timer.

You know how I have my fun these days? I roll new characters, join dumb high-sec corporations, then smack-talk random people until someone declares war on us. Then I rile up corp chat and mails with motivational propaganda, and try to get everyone to throw a bunch of Bantams at the enemy.

Granted, CCP has done an amazing job of bashing the ■■■■ out of interesting emergent gameplay in an effort to turn EVE into Farmville with an optional PvP arena component. But it’s still possible to do at least some things that you can’t do in any other game. I say: take advantage of that while it still exists.


clap clap clap
one of the best posts in this forum


Cherish the good experiences you had, fair winds and following seas to you. o7


Create an alpha, start afresh and literally throw yourself at anything and everything flying weird and badly fitted cheap ships. It’s a hoot.

used to be that way . easy AF to quit now compared to old days trust me.

Find a new language cause if your english is better than your swedish…you have a language problem.

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OP said nothing about what he liked to do except complain he couldnt do anything he liked to do…

You seem to have suffered a real-life trauma recently or sometime in the past. This is just a game. Noone forces you to play it.

:red_circle: @tutucox_Khamsi THIS IS THE SPEECH POLICE :policeman:: I’m writing you up for ending sentences with newlines instead of periods. This is your second citation. You are out of line, young man!

@Maria_Sanzen_in honestly? I’m reading your post and everything I’m seeing is “you’re playing EVE wrong”… you really should have found others to mentor you, maybe join a corp where you could learn from others, because you could have found ways to casually play the game that are more fun and make more money at the same time than the activities you’ve been doing.

You’re burning out because you never learned how to play the game properly, not because EVE has gone south.

go away
ty for the young man btw

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Going out and creating something necessitates to treat EVE like a job. Saying otherwise is foolish and shows lack of knowledge about EVE.

  • You want to create an alliance? Have fun doing that without being present and available a lot of the time during the week for people to approach you with issues and for guidance and advice.
  • You want do do industry? Well, tough luck managing your jobs without wasting too much time on downtime and managing your corp mates that do jobs for you or mine the necessary quantities of minerals.
  • You want to do sov? Good luck doing that half-heartedly, without proper organization and structures in place to keep your members in the know about what is going on and active to keep your sov.
  • You want to just linger in low sec? Well, good luck doing anything besides sitting in a station.
  • You want to keep a structure in high sec and use it? Have fun doing that without treating it like a chore, especially when you want it in an active area where you are prone to getting war deced.
  • You want to cause drama? Well, good luck doing that half-heartedly because you will just make a fool of yourself for revealing your true identity because you forgot to keep it secret.

The only things you do without treating EVE not like a job are leeching on other people’s hard work, those people who actually treat EVE like a job for leeches like you to press F1 in a big fight that someone else organized by putting in hours to setup the target, find wormhole routes, actually organize a fleet and corp/alliance and have enemies at hand. People like you are one of the reasons why EVE does not feel as good anymore as it used to in the past.

That BS is scanned down in 20 seconds, warped to by a ceptor in 30 seconds and downed in 40 seconds. You really created “crazy” there. Absolute crazy. And you know what else you did? Create more work for you because now you have to bring a new BS close to the location so that you can do it again, which takes time and effort. Sure, you can use courier contracts so that someone else takes care of that treating EVE like a job for you and you can blow your brain out of your head with booze and a cheap Caldari drab.

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If all is that bad why still be in game and Forum other to be a guy that trolls and gives bad vibes.

You can always delete eve delete the Account and do your thing in other games.

Stop posting cringe, bro. You sound like a total coward.


And yet you havent replied in your own thread.