Are you Sure

(Verlyn) #21

Forever idiots till the end. Enjoy your salt, along your sorry excuses of existence.

(Muffinmixer) #22

Oh my god you’re throwing this huge fit and quitting the game because you can’t buy an HG Snake set fast enough for your snowflake HFI? Ok sure! I’d be surprised if anyone cared enough to stop you.

This game is a sandbox. It is not some “content” spoon-feeding tripe storymode RPG. You want content in EVE Online? Go find it.

(Trixie Lawless) #23

I can’t decide which is uglier, your attitude or your avatar.

(Dom Arkaral) #24

I function on a yuge 0 isk per month
I also sit on 10b liquid and twice that in easy to sell assets.

I also fly around in a 4b pod that I really don’t care if I lose, and use ships worth half that.

I still haven’t died to a player since I lost that Loki in Dodixie last year (rookie ships don’t count)

Play wisely and you can minimize your chances of dying, or whine that you can’t afford a HG implant set and quit over that :joy:

There are plenty of ways to make tons of isk quickly, but seems like that’s too hard for ya

Feel free to contract me your stuff, I’ll make good isk out of it

(Trixie Lawless) #25

15-20 bill per month? What in the name of Bob are you doing? PvP’ing in battle freighters?

(Faylee Freir) #26

You would be surprised… this is actually a thing!

Eve is not for everyone. In a lot of cases it can be a full blown hobby. I wish you would stay because you definitely seem like someone that is lower on the food chain than I am, and I always like having more people to shoot at. That said…

You do not need any of those things to pvp, nor should you fly what you can’t afford to lose. If you don’t make enough isk to support yourself and don’t buy plex with $, then it doesn’t make sense to play like you have a ton of disposable income. The key is to fly within your means… just like living within your means in real life. If all you can afford is a few cruisers or destroyers a month, then do that.

I assume you’re in the Imperium as well. You have all the opportunities to make easy isk at your fingertips. All the infrastructure and resources are there… not to mention your blue shield wall. I don’t feel sorry for you in the least. Call me mean or say I’m trolling, by it sounds like it’s not us, it’s you. Lots of people find time to play and enjoy eve with busy real life schedules.

So either quit or not, do what best suits you. I will tell you that with your “gimme gimme” attitude, not very many will care that you’ve left. Best of luck to you, and I can confirm that Ima Wreckyou is your cousin Bob.

(Verlyn) #27

I just love seeing all those self-flattering replies at someone else’s expense. Truly exquisite.

To those of you who truly are the living incarnations of the saddest, and most pathetic individuals on the face of this earth. May you continue to revel in your own ■■■■ and idiocy, and I quote:

I wish you would stay because you definitely seem like someone that is lower on the food chain than I am, and I always like having more people to shoot at.

To the rest more empathetic lot and komerds in FW Ushrakan and militia, and who have done nothing but either offer to help or support me in my decision, I wish you all the best, and may you keep finding ways to make the game fun for yourselves and meet new people through it.


(Faylee Freir) #28

You do know it’s been more than 10 hours, right?

(Machimpy) #29


And here:


(Dom Arkaral) #30

seems like you’re mistakening our ingame personas for something else XD

bai nao

(Machimpy) #31

Oh that’s typical.

“Its not me really, I didnt mean it, it’s my ingame persona.”

Get a grip.

(Dom Arkaral) #32

EVE will be better without you tbh, you got one toxic attitude towards people

I’m out, say hi to the wall :kissing_heart:

(CCP Falcon) #33

(CCP Falcon) #34


Ranting and trolling.