Quitting Eve


Blah blah, can I have your stuff. No.

Why: I run incursions and they’ve been totally crapped on in high sec. I looked at the null sec spawns, which I don’t think were changed, and no one is running them. Great, remove the content from the people who use it and leave it unused where people don’t. Real clever. Someone explain this to me; not the lore answer, I wan’t to know why content people use is being removed.

Next: frequently there’s a command broadcaster running the sites in rattlesnakes. Very easy to spot, but he keeps coming back. One guy stealing content from 40 players. Someone get in that ■■■■■■■ polaris cruiser and just watch the guy for 10 minutes. Why hasn’t he been banned?

Want me to move to null sec to become fodder in your drama wars? NOPE, it’s far too much effort to move crap around eve for 100 titans to show up to blap it. I’m so pleased to provide absolutely nothing for you to shoot at. Sometimes I decide to go low/null, then I remember I can’t be bothered because I won’t be able to jump clone again for a day.

I’ve got my little corner in this game. Having played it for a long time I’ve settled on the incursions basically exclusively now because it’s within my tolerance level for faffing around vs time having fun. Removing the content I use won’t really make me do something else. I’ve tried it all before and couldn’t be bothered with the dick around it was. If I end up just walking away who will care? no one, equally who will care if I stay? no one, but the difference is CCP gets my sub.

Loyalty has negative value in the modern world, never show loyalty.


See ya.

Can i have your stuff?

Won’t miss ya! o/

O … K …

Profound opinion. Other than that …

TL;DR. You are leaving EvE. Reason was nerf to Incursions. Didn’t really explain though why the need to state either point on EvE forum post.

Attempt to let CCP know why I left.

How many companies do you know with offers only available to new customers? When your car insurance comes up for automatic renewal, do they quote you more than last year and you get a better deal by moving insurers? Loyalty has negative value.

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don’t let the door hit you on the way out


Let’s see…

  • When my apartment lease runs up, they always tack on a few bucks.
  • When my introductory cable contract runs up, they always try to tack on a few bucks (unless you complain loud enough to make them put you back on another introductory contract).
  • When you go in for your job evaluation, the boss usually tacks on a few bucks.

Insurance is probably one of the few things that goes down after a while, but only if you’ve been a boring driver. If you’ve had any kind of accident ever, then it’ll go up too.

So… I’m not sure what kinda ■■■■ you’re spouting, cus clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about. =)

PS, can I have your stuff?

Can I have your stuff? Its my birthday soon XD

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Ever so sorry your favorite isk faucet didn’t last forever.

Don’t want your negativity-tainted junk anyway.


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Don’t forget to biomass. :innocent:


Trash all your stuff* then biomass all your chars or just a fake. :wink:

(*yes that also applies to spending all your ISK on PLEX or whatever you choose then trashing those too)

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Can i get a TL;DR?

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Ban bots.
Don’t nerf content in high sec and leave it alone in nullsec (ESPECIALLY if it’s not used in nullsec.)
I pay my subs to run incursions, who’s game am I ruining by being a one trick pony?

So, the longer you are with them the more expensive they make it? I’m so glad you could save me the time of providing examples of exactly why I’m right.

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My post is perfectly fine the way it is thank you. Would you lot change your posts if I didn’t like them? Don’t be ridiculous.

Good riddance

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Bots are already banned if I remember correctly. I could be wrong though, I dont remember.

That depends on the content and if it’s being replaced with something similar.

Incursions are massively skewed in terms of isk and were going to get nerfed one day. If you were really a hardcore incursion pilot, you would know that by now.

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You could try abyssal sites ?