Leaving the game. CCP this is your last warning

Over the course of the last 13 years I have come and gone from this game. Sometimes due to hardware failure. Sometimes due to lack of funds. But in most cases, because I am frustrated and most importantly, BORED with this game.

Back in the days when I was a high sec CEO I tried building up a corp of newbies/vets alike, doing missions and whatever other PVE content I could. But I couldn’t, of course, because the wardec mechanics kept you from doing anything PVE within this game. Even just a 2 man corp would get a war dec and harrassed by the guys wanting PVP.

And the sad part is, all the PVE content in EVE forces you to run solo if you want to make any money doing it. The only thing that doesn’t force you to solo is incursions, but because of the wardec system, incursion runners quickly realised they had to run incursions in communities, not in corps. So building and maintaining interest in a high sec PVE focused corp was, and still is, LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

CCP, you have NO CONTENT for which a corp can fleet up, run with their corp mates, have fun doing it, and make a reasonable amount of isk. You could say incursions? But incursions are not newbie friendly. And that’s the key here. With 90% of the game being alpha alts, how in the hell are you supposed to keep your newbro retention? I have seen so many people leave this game. Also, who wants to run corp level incursions when the communities out there offer SRP and corps do not?

And I know what the PVP puritans will say. “well you should have come to null then and did PVP there”. Well here’s one for you. I DID. And it SUCKED. Being in null was by god the most boring experience of my entire 30 years of gaming. I cannot tell you how I dreaded to log in, wanting to fleet up for small-time content, only to be harrassed by either CTA’s or PAP’s. Null sec? It’s not the risk everyone makes it out to be. In fact it is so without risk it’s rediculous. Your own tenure of risk vs reward is horribly broken by how SAFE Null sec actually is. The most dangerous space by FAR is low sec. And then the PVP in low sec is horrible.

Almost every aspect of this game forces you to do everything within it by yourself. You mission by yourself. You run abyssals by yourself. You scan and do anoms by yourself. You run escalations by yourself. You typically mine by yourself. You scan/etc by yourself. You do wormhole things by yourself. Most PVP happens while solo. Most gankings happen solo. Everyone is out there doing their own thing, and alas, there’s no reason to be in a corp. Or in this game for that matter. Your focus is so massively heavily on PVP, and unfortunately, your PVP system is dry and boring, it sucks. Large fleet combat sucks. Small gang sucks. Solo PVP sucks. Gate camping sucks. Findind someone to gank sucks. It’s like throwing out a hook in the water, hour after hour, day after day, and just sitting there, hoping like hell someone eventually bites on your hook. And sure you land a fish now and then, but for the most part, you pack up and go home, having wasted 5 hours of your life on absolutely nothing.

And that’s where the PVE content is supposed to offer consistent, rewarding game play vs the computer itself, but oh no. You won’t put in any meaningful PVE content. You will only abide by the insane demands of the null guys. They wanted moon miners so they could build up their local markets. Sure, now you got rorquals. Now you got capital logi ships. Now you got citadels. And then they complained that they couldn’t make steady income like the incursion guys. So now you have anomaly ratting. You know, you give the null guys all the best crap in the game to do their thing with, and you leave the table scraps for everyone else, in the hopes that you will push people down to null sec to engage in the actual EVE content. But what you have done here is actually push people… OUT OF THE GAME.

Most people I’ve ever known that have played EVE have left the game and never came back. I can’t talk anyone I know into playing it. “spreadsheets in space? no thanks”. And why do they say that? Because there’s no meaningful content to engage with in this game. Despite the cries of people like me, seeing the end in your immediate future for EVE, you choose to ignore us. This game should have folded 8 years ago when you were in such a dire situation that you had to release PLEX. And you said, you SAID… “IT WILL NEVER BE PAY TO WIN”. And guess what. I don’t care how you slice it. IT’S PAY TO WIN.

Instead of appealing to the broad gaming market, you appeal to the handful of insane psychopaths. And yes I have said that before. But it’s literally, and I mean LITERALLY mental cases calling the shots in this game. All these null guys that want to see high sec burn and turn EVE into a pure all-for-glory PVP game, with ZERO PVE. And I hope you do that. I hope you push the rest of the 90% of players out of your game. Oh how I would LOVE to see EVE turn into a pure PVP game. I DARE YOU CCP. I DARE YOU. DOOOOOOOOOO IT.

But you won’t. Because you are afraid. like a bunch of cowards. So you cower behind your “but but we have PVE” wall. Like cowards. And your balls are being held by the mental cases who feel they own this game. When they don’t. But you have no balls CCP. You have no balls to hold on to. So both you and your mental cases are going to be crushed by that wall you are hiding behind. That “PVE” wall that shields you. And it will be knocked over by the realisation that your PVE sucks. It doesn’t bring people together. It doesn’t get corp mates having fun. What it does, is make you realise you are playing this game all by yourself, because that is what your content gets you. A lonely experience. And I can’t wait to see that wall knocked over. And it has, so many times. Your sales numbers have proven it. You can quote this and that all you want, but at the end of the day, if you weren’t failing, and I mean failing HARD, would you ever have released plex? Would you have gone free to play? Would you have gone PAY TO WIN??? No. You would not. You would still be solely subscription based with a 2 week trial period. But you are too stupid and your balls are being gripped by the insane PVP mental cases.
You can’t even see what’s killing your own game. And CCP, it’s you. You are killing your own game.

Yeah, keep pandering to your .00000001% of gaming market out there. Keep pandering to them. As I have said, I can’t WAIT to see all your pink slips handed out. I can see it now. “CCP lays off over 300 employees as the last of their cash cows leaves the game”. Have fun with that.


can i have ur stuff


Good lord.



Bye OP


The first bit can be a pain - though my corp mostly lived in wormholes so wardecs weren’t really a massive pain but some members were still able to PVE in highsec most of the time between the occasional wardec but I know the industrial corp that several people were in where I worked IRL got wardeced out of the game pretty much. (Around 30 players in total I think lost when their highsec POS got blown up for the 3rd time to the 3rd wardec in a fairly short space of time - what didn’t help was my alliance booted them out of wormhole space where they’d gone to avoid the highsec wars LOL unfortunately I wasn’t aware it was happening until too late).

Much of the rest though IMO comes down to the choices you’ve made and a resistance to trying to work with the system to find stuff that works.

Wow, not sure what the beef is all about. In response to your thread title, sorry you feel that way.

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Y’all laugh and say can I have your stuff but that’s one less body in eve.

Sorry you’re leaving dude. I wish there was more squad play too and everything wasn’t done by alts.


Maybe it’s down to the fact that I’m relatively new and just sort of accept that Eve is the way it is, but I’m a solo hauler/trader who gets his adrenaline rushes due to the “psychopaths” — flying my freighter deep into low sec to retrieve goods and bring them to market. Or I take my exploration alt into low sec to hack sites.

In both cases, it’s the risk posed by the PvPers that make the game exciting. Without that, I might as well be playing Railroad Tycoon. With it, I have to do a LOT of strategizing and weighing of risk/reward as I buy/haul/sell stuff.

I get your point about structures and wardecs. It’s why I stayed in an NPC Corp until the wardec changes came through, and why my solo corp will likely never anchor a structure. That must be annoying for an industrial Corp that just wants a place of their own to hang out and build things.

But honestly, I don’t see a way to NOT allow player structures to be destroyed. So maybe you need to have friends or mercenaries who can defend your structure for you.


I hope you find a game more suited to your interests.

EVE has never been a game designed with people like you in mind.

If it changes to accomodate people like you it will lose what remains of its playerbase overnight.


it’s hard to take OP seriously because of the amount of hyperbole in his post, e.g., saying PvPers want to literally remove all PvE content

the meaningful content is other players, but your whole post is ranting about wanting to avoid player interaction. The best PvE in the game is generally in “dangerous” space to promote PvP and interactions between players. That doesn’t mean there is NO PvE in safer space, it is just less lucrative. Risk vs Reward


Okay, bye then, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
From the sounds of things you got bored with eve a long ass time ago, if you ever even liked it in the first place, which seems kinda doubtful. Last thing we need is yet another bittervet, demanding that the game be changed to suit their own very specific idea of how it “should be”.

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Don’t need

every body that wants to spray crap, there, friend “psycho”.

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I found this part confusing, I have done all of those things with friends, some I even did with people I’d just met minutes before. Choosing to do them solo is on you.


While most of the OP is cringy, the whole thing about there not being any normal pve group content and how that would help create more interaction between corp members is very true.

EVE could use some PVE content that is best done in groups (3-10 players) while not having a skill/ship requirement like Incursions do. It would showcase team work and gameplay to newbies which might help them decide to stick to EVE.


Magnificent rant and I agree with everything you say. But you’re faaarked. Prepare for the obligatory ‘can I have ur stuff’ bullllshit.

For the record, I love and crave PVP. But PVP in Eve is boring and total shyte. It’s impossible to get real PVP content because eve is dominated by alts and mulitboxers.


they already have this, the whole resource wars thing is EXACTLY this. but no one runs it, because low lvl pve content doesn’t pay well.

Hey, I’m a bitter Vet who does that, so do you. What, you think as paying customers we should just accept everything without giving our opinion of the game?

Yeah, I agree and have done that too as well. Was actually quite fun, course over the years I kinda gave up on it. Mainly because it got tougher to do because of the BS mantra ‘Don’t trust anyone’ that keeps getting spread around about this game…


there is a difference between criticism, and throwing a tantrum demanding things suit you exactly.

i’m a capital pilot primarily, but have long been an advocate for reducing capital application to subcaps, i’m quite happy with the current set of nerfs they are getting even though it directy and negatively affects me, I recognize that its good for the game as a whole.
same thing with rorquals, I multi-box 4 rorquals, so am directly hit by the nerf they are getting next month. but I also understand why its being done, and if anything thing there is probably more that they could be doing to them (although I think it would need to be a light touch for whatever the next change is because nerfing things into complete un-usability isn’t good either)

there is a huge difference between that, and expecting every aspect of the game, and every change that gets made be directly relevant to me.

I thought wardecs were like free content that comes to you? Never saw them as an obstacle to building a corp in highsec tbh


That’s based on mining. Not exactly interesting, entertaining or enticing people to look deeper/further in to the game.