The reason I won't come back to EvE

This is more of a feedback post than anything else, feedback to devs or to anyone who cares.

Everything I enjoy doing in this game requires me to be in some corp/alliance who own all the space I like.
To join those corps, not only do I feel like it’ss like a job application, but also most if not all of them have all kinds of dumb requirements such as being online on some dumb comms platform, sometimes two or three, and always being in some dumb fleet.
And I can’t stand that.

There you have it. I won’t come back to EvE online because I’m forced to join player corps/alliances to play the game.

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So, everything you enjoy requires being in a corp, but you won’t play because you don’t like being in a corp.

This sounds like a ‘you’ problem.

Have you considered perhaps starting a corp of your own? Or can you not stand you, either?


You seem unable to comprehend, so I’ll elaborate: Everything I enjoy doing takes place in player-owned space, which requires me to join them.
Please do not reply with another ignorant comment.

It’s very obvious why you can’t do well in a corp, still a you problem.


Another ignorant comment that does not address my feedback whatsoever.

You didn’t post any “feedback”. You posted a “I don’t like this MMO being an MMO”. Great, no one cares.

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You cared enough to reply.

I don’t care about your message but I’ll happily point out it’s a you problem.

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Oh ok, then go stroll in a park or something.

Ignore the forum ghosts. They’ve been haunting this place for years.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Seems like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, and you put yourself there by being picky.
It’s okay to be picky, especially about a game you’re supposed to enjoy and might even pay for.

The only room to maneuver you leave yourself is to quit the game. It seems like your decision was already taken before you posted this thread.

So you only enjoy a playstyle/playthrough in the very space that others own but you refuse to join them for personal reasons.

And I suspect you don’t want to play solo in unowned space for some reason too?

Have you thought of alternatives or you’re seriously done with EVE?

The only thing that really is blocked behind sov null are building supers and titans. Which honestly need to remain as a group effort. This is an MMO…group content is going to be a thing.

EDIT: Changes are also coming to Nullsec. I doubt any of it will interest you though as you seem pretty set on playing the game solo.

Obligatory: cAn I hAz uR sTuFf?

Can I have your stuff?

Seriously now… Eve is one of the few MMOs that really pushes the social aspect of a multiplayer game. If that bothers you, maybe Eve isn’t the game for you. And do you know what? That’s okay. Not every game fits every player out there.

Also, looking at your posting history, you should know that being on comms isn’t a dumb requirement. It keeps you from losing ships. Like say, a deadspace fitted Golem?

As for the job application requirement… well, you’re going to be flying with these people. They need to make sure you aren’t a security risk. Because you know… if I’m a spy and you’re flying a deadspace fitted Golem somewhere without support, that might be bad for you. Oh wait, you’ve lost one of those before, haven’t you?

If having to play with other players in a multiplayer game is a problem for you, then I suggest you don’t play multiplayer games?

And seriously, can I have your stuff?


Like I said, why I won’t come back.
Perhaps CCP can use my feedback and try to find a way to make the game fun for solo players who enjoy nullspace and don’t care for pvp. I don’t care about EvE pvp where a 300k frigate can kill a 4 billion marauder, we don’t need to discuss this, EvE PVP is ■■■■■■■■.

@Werner_Budingen Hi. In case you haven’t left yet, a few words, if you allow.
One of the tougher things to go through in EvE is indeed joining the right corp/alliance. It may take a few tries before you find the right group for you. Yes, it will feel like a job interview if they’re serious about their corp and their group safety (spying and sabotage are real in eve, that’s why they do this). It’s probably fair to say that the smaller the group you join the stricter the expectations will be. Large groups are often much more relaxed on e.g. fleet participations, and give their members a lot more freedom - they have more people to make fleets with and don’t have to rely on everyone. And fleets will inevitably require a means of communication, that is also for the safety of the entire fleet.

Good groups will not only provide the space you want, but also content, safety, advice or training and other benefits like risk reduction, srp, people to play the game with, etc etc. In return you participate what you can so that the group stays functional and their space is preserved. It’s a normal quid pro quo.

It’s perfectly possible to play EvE solo, but some aspects are inevitably only feasible for those who are organized. It’s probably even possible to live solo in npc nullsec, if you’re very good and knowledgeable. So no one should feel forced to join anything, but be aware that the solo path outside of hisec is a lot more challenging.


You aren’t even saying what it is you are upset about. You haven’t left any feedback other than that it’s not to your liking…which is fine, but it’s not feedback. A game cannot please everyone.

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Yea, and if my grandmother had wheels she’d be a wagon.

Also, EVE is mainly a PvP game. Didn’t you watch the ads or read about the game?

There isn’t even a 100k players online at any time.

Okay. Don’t play it then.
Problem solved.


I lived solo in Venal for a while, back in the POS days. With 3 accounts for Scouting, it works. But it gets tiring after a while.

To be fair, I’m sure they mean a 300k ISK frigate…which I doubt the validity of as they would not be able to make a dent in the tank or cap of a marauder.

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