The reason I won't come back to EvE

Oh my bad. I thought he was talking about a fleet of 300k ships.

I can imagine :slight_smile:

You know, of all the MMOs I played, there’s only one thing I ever really remember as “fun” for any of them. And that’s the people I played with. I’d suggest, give it a shot ?

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So, what is in player owned space that you want to do, that you cant do in other regions of space or wormholes?

Answering that can help ccp and us understand your frustration. Which as several pointed out, you havent actually given feedback. Just a rant. Which doesnt help


Cool… so you don’t need your stuff. Can I have it?

This is not what Eve Online as a game is meant to be. You are suggesting CCP take your feedback and change fundamental aspects of Eve Online to fit your niche desires. And why would they do this? They would lose way more players than they would gain with this change. It wouldn’t help them as a business so it would be a bad idea. Your feedback is bad… and you should feel bad offering it.

Well, it is hard to discuss this since you’re being intellectually dishonest…

A 300k frigate cannot kill a 4 billion marauder… if the marauder pilot isn’t a complete idiot. By the way, it wasn’t a frigate that took out your marauder. So what killed you? A Tempest, a Proteus, and a Legion. So while this was a few years ago, I can tell you what happened. Legion probably neuted you out which means your hardeners and shield booster wouldn’t work… also probably killed your target painter. Even with the battery in place, its not going to take long for a neut Legion to kill your tank.

At that point, the Proteus is just going to eat you alive. Once you’re out of cap, your ship has an EHP of 63.9k… and a Proteus can do well over 1000 DPS with Heavy Neutron Blasters… cold. Even without the Tempest there, you’re dead 60 seconds after the Legion neuts you out.

And again, we haven’t even factored in the Tempest here yet.

Isn’t it amazing how I wasn’t even there and I can look at the killmail and I know what happened? I even have a good idea on how the other ships were fitted. This is because Eve PvP isn’t whatever you said it was. Its because Eve PvP is balanced around knowledge. Bigger isn’t always better. More expensive isn’t always better. And this is a better way of balancing a game than “LOL… I WINZ BECAUSE I HAVE BIGGER STUFF”.

Eve doesn’t work for you because well… frankly, you aren’t an Eve player. You don’t want to be social… Eve is a social game. Eve is a game that rewards knowledge and the ability to use that knowledge… you want a game that rewards you for busting out a credit card and PLEXing your way to a very expensive ship. That’s not Eve. And it shouldn’t be Eve… because the majority of players aren’t paying for the game you want. I know I wouldn’t.

Since you lied to me, you should make it up to me by giving me your stuff…

EDIT: One other thing: I’d bet that between the Legion and Proteus, they probably had at least 3 billion ISK on grid… so it wasn’t 300k that took you out. In terms of ISK, it was probably an even fight.


I sincerely did not read your wall of text. Please try to stay focused and not write an essay next time. Also feel free to stop replying to this post. I do not care about your opinion.

Looks like you don’t care about any opinions, including your own…we’ve yet to see what your feedback actually is about. You say it’s a feedback thread…provide it!


No surprise. You’d rather whine and complain than learn what you did wrong.

TL;DR: the three ships that killed your Golem cost about as much as your Golem did and they were the perfect counter to your Golem. Someone played rock to your scissors and you’re being a little female dog about it.

I was focused. I explained why you lost your ship. I explained why CCP shouldn’t listen to you. And I explained why Eve isn’t a good game for you (hint: its a social game that requires using your brain).

Actually, you don’t care about reality or actually trying to learn something. Again, Eve is a game that rewards intelligence. And thus is a game that won’t reward you.


This was obvious from the start and pretty much the reason I never bothered with any actual content.


I’m recovering from surgery… so I’m using this for distraction and entertainment. When you’re on good painkillers, even this is entertaining.

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You’re fools and your ignorant comments show it. The points I made originally remain. I do not come back to EvE because I’m forced to join some dumb alliance, full of people like you. I just can’t stand it.

We aren’t trying to woo you back, just trying to figure out your feedback even is. Saying you can’t do something without saying what that something is, is not feedback.

Hint: If we can’t figure out what your ‘feedback’ is, then CCP won’t be able to either.


Youre not forced. You didnt even answer me. What is so special about null that you cant do somewhere else?

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We aren’t the ones who lost a 4 billion ISK Golem in low sec…

Looks like you’re not only dumb, but also poor, to care about a 4bil loss. It’s just virtual currency for an internet spaceship game. There’s not even inertia in this “space”. Don’t take it too seriously.

Eve is called submarines in space for a reason.

Considering its just isk and we dont “own” anything in game, then yes for some a 4 bil loss is a set back, but most people know you dont fly what you cant afford to lose. Consider a ship already lost, and it makes the sting less painful

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JK guys, I love everyone in this thread and I love EvE Online. I will come back soon.

Ummm… you’re the one complaining about losing a 4 billion ISK Golem… so who is poor again?

Second… I’m not the dumb one here. I definitely wouldn’t be taking a Golem in low-sec that wasn’t set up for PvP. Only a dumb person would take a PvE Golem into low sec and then complain on the forums about how its unfair it got destroyed.

I’m also not the one who lied and said a 300k frigate can take out a 4 billion marauder. Again, who is the dumb one here?

I’m not the one here who is whining about losing a ship and how Eve should be changed because of that stupid behavior. You’re taking that loss really hard if you’re quitting the game over it.

And I’m sure it was virtual currency for you. That’s why you’re upset. You spent IRL money (PLEX) to buy a marauder and then people killed it. You’re the one taking it too seriously. You’re asking CCP to change their game because you lost a ship. A ship you deserved to lose, I might add.

Go play Elite Dangerous… its initials are more fitting for your mentality.

Ok internet spaceship game wiseguy

You don’t get along with people by the sounds of it and how you have responded to some very thoughtful answers, here.

Seeing as Eve is a social game ESPECIALLY if you live in null perhaps you should either change your attitude or the games that you play.




The title of this thread clearly says, in plain english, that I do not currently play EvE. It says “why I won’t come back”. Why do you all keep telling me this game is not for me? I already know that, hence me quitting a long time ago.

I think the solution here is a new server, a new PVE-only server.