Why do you like & play EVE?

So I’m curious.

Please state your reasons for liking and playing EVE.
Also, please say what it is that kept you in the game.
Thank you so much to those who reply. I’m actually very curious.

And since I wouldn’t ask questions of others that I wouldn’t answer:
I like and play EVE because it’s amusing to think I’m flying in space - even if EVE’s space isn’t like real space, I love the art of EVE, the music is very nice, all the ships look great and with good graphics it’s even better.

What kept me in the game is the PvE and what gives that spice is the PvP. Also, there is always someone willing to chat in the game and always someone nice enough to explain things.


Why I started was for the small corp wars. Destruction everywhere. Smack talk and getting to know ppl from all over the planet in local where you could help or try to get a point on the loudmouth when he tries to make a run for it. :laughing: WD’ing the null blk’s to the point they would come out of null after you. (Those that had the standings if I remember correctly) Bitter old vets even back then! The thrill of outplaying your enemy. 50/60k players on. Etc.

Why I stayed was that I had hopes of CCP wanting those numbers back. Guess not…


Interactions with other players in a competitive environment. NPC are boring, predictable and lack any sort of longevity game play wise. People are interesting (if only in small doses) and allow for interesting game play (both teamwork as opposition wise) and allow for memorable experiences.


I like to piss off my doctors…


:sweat_smile: Just as long as they’re not your brain surgeons, right?

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I don’t care who they are…


SPAAAAAAAACE!!! Joined in late 2008, stayed for the pew pews early on, keep coming back after breaks for the lore and I think the game and my life is in a state where I want to return full time.


Joined in 2008 due to watching Exploration vids made by a character named D’Nightmare…

Staying until CCP shuts down the server so I can say ‘I Was There…It Was Real’. :wink:


I also want to be there for it, so I can tell my grandkids what all transpired and say I was a part, small as it is, of online gaming history.

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For me, it was the challenge and risk as a solo player to succeed in the game…and I did… It was the market changes and PA undercutting player investments that got me to quit a couple years back… Thinking of returning because there is much about the ship and game dynamics that I enjoy over ED and SC…

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I started playing 2012. I wasn’t really a gamer, and EVE was the first game I played ever (sic!). I was astonished and overwhelmed by the complexity of the world, I read a ton of fanfics, did some mining, some pve. Then I met great ppl on teamspeak - my husband’s old buddies from the time he started playing EVE. As the only girl on TS I became kind of corp mascot (yep, they had a lot of patience with me, and by saying “a lot” I really mean A LOT) and I started flying with them. I learned new staff, participated in smal gang pvp, lived in wh for a while and then rl kicked in. 8 years break or so. And now, after all this time I’m back. To meet old friends on comms and to wreck some ships. Or get smashed by a ton of dps.
Meeting online with ppl you like spening time with - that’s the reason I’m back. And there is no other game like EVE for me.

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If anyone ever watched the Planet Fitness commercials you would understand my reasons for playing Eve Online.

I am the little guy who can be pushed around but the safety highsec (aka… planet fitness)

**Eve Online.. Judgement free zone**

Funniest Planet Fitness Commercials EVER! The Judgment Free Zone - YouTube

There is nothing scary about Eve Online

In 2006 I saw a post about EVE in some game forum. Checked it out and I’m still here.

I have - over the years - liked, loved, disliked, hated, or was indifferent to this game. Sort of meh at this point in time.

Still have nine Omegas active, though. I think my brain might be broken.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I saw Eve on a shelf at Walmart back in 2003 and thought it would be a good replacement for Earth & Beyond.

I am a fan of the journey and not the destination and Eve offers so much stuff to try that the journey is still going.


I like playing EVE Online because of how alive its universe is. I started playing seriously in 2020 (lockdown) and came in just before the trig invasion started and i enjoyed it very much, made my first 10mil (not included what you get from tutorials and career agents) ninja looting, it was great fun for me!

I really like the influence anyone can have on EVEs economy. The complexity of building stuff (or the game in general) and supplying it to a living breathing market is an absolute joy to me!

Overcoming adversity and making progress in this game is very satisfying. The fact you can get popped at any moment is also very appealing to me and it helps that it is also a pretty game :slight_smile:


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Back in 2009… I’'d say the PVE aspect of it and mining or building a POS. Little did I know how many Aholes played and enjoyed ruining your day. Over time the Aholes dwindled, and the game continued to evolve which allowed more play styles to evolve.


Started playing in 2013, I liked:

  • how complex the game was, and how you could gain an advantage by understanding that complexity
  • the risk vs reward game and how, by careful risk management (risk analysis was literally my job title at the time) you could, statistically, gain an advantage… basically, if you take risks you lose some but you can win on average
  • the people – in the end, the corp I joined were just my kind of nerds

My dad would play back in EVE beta testing, he progressed into eve actual, i would occasionally play on his toon make some mistakes and lose isk.

There was something that drew me to watch his ship fly from point to point, see him run across the house because he got a ping(good or bad status was never known).

Fast forward to 8ish years in EVE actuals life i remembered the game, found it, and started my own account. Now i understand all the house running, the look i have on my face when i die, the stress of point to point travels. While i have taken my hiatus’ i always find myself coming back and enjoying the hovering in voids of space while i track market life, killboards, read some ■■■■, etc…

While he has long since moved on from eve, i keep him on my contacts hoping to see his bubble switch from red to green. May not have been the closest to him-but its still my dad.


Obviously your strained relations with your father are your own fault. You lost him ISK. These forums have shown that losing ISK in EvE is almost the worst thing that could happen to a person and causes severe mental pain and anguish. You did that to your father.