Why do you like & play EVE?

Ow, my feeling probes.

Hes the one that set my fits though :rofl:

Not really much instruction/direction just -“ive set this for you, dont die”

Starting playing in 2003 3 months after launch with a group of online gaming friends. Its the people that makes it worthwhile and keeps me around. Chatting to them about Eve or life keeps me logging in. Been there and did that a lot in Eve and now I just fart around with stuff. Building my own story in Eve and doing all the things I enjoyed creating was my highlight. After 20 years there’s not much to create left that I want to create now story wise. But I keep chatting to my friends and blow up the odd pixel or kill the odd rat still.


@Vespasiana mostly nostalgia for a time when video games were NOT all about you being a “twiddle fingers” or bouncing around in a PvP arena like Tigger. I still play some brain dead shooters online. However you just pick up a shotgun and go to town on people. There is no thought in weapon selection, since most weapons in those type of games all react the same. The armor isn’t much help either in those games. Eve Online is about thinking, planning, and collecting what you need to make the next build.

Now if they only had something to sell me here we would be in business.

capital warfare

i just like to blow ■■■■ up


And your name is one of the most honest ways for us look at ourselves in game! :laughing:

The kinder & gentler forums…


The vast emptiness.
Cold ruins, time and distance.
Bright sparks in darkness.

Good thread, thanks for posting it up.

I just like spreadsheets and graphs.

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Any F1 Monkey worth its weight can handle them nasty bloons.


I usually have a deep need to speak to a bishop after every Eve session.

Homicidal maniac meme incoming …

And about time too !! :rofl:

"Why do I like & play EVE ?

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Okay, okay. Because EvE Online is the best sandbox game. Of course it is.

A friend of mine dropped this at my place in 2011 with the words “I’ve read about this, looks interesting but I don’t have the time for it. You try it.”

And I never looked back

The only reason I play EVE is because the forums are dead, so I have nothing else to do.


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23 down to 18k in just a few hrs?

Of course.

The Last of Us was moved from Sunday to tonight because of some football event.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Nice try! It did the same thing last Fri. :sunglasses:


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Still does not change the fact that numbers are down. :rofl:

But I caught a troll so at least phishing is good! :crazy_face:

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My therapist says “t’s a good distraction from the ■■■■■■■■ of life”

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Hellooo forum😃
I like EVE because it’s good sci-fi and the lore is interesting. I play it because it’s the only MMO that doesn’t make me shrug in derision when I think of it and also because the ships go boom.

Fifie pew-pews