Do you hope EVE dies or...?

Another take on the permanent EVE is dying theme but this time in the form of a poll. Let’s make it entertaining… OH, and don’t forget to argue incessantly and ad nausea

  • I hope EVE crashes and burn
  • I hope EVE continues for a long time
  • I have no hope for EVE

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I don’t really care either way - the Eve that drew me in has long gone and I don’t see it coming back without a fundamental change and commitment development wise but it is still a game I miss a lot and still sometimes hope for what would basically be a miracle.

I don’t wish it ill or good.


@Rroff Somewhere in the far bright recesses of my heart I imagine a better EVE than what we have now.
The optimist in me says “It’s gonna be kickass when they’re all done with the seemingly permanent construction zone.”
The pessimist in me says “Just try and enjoy it before the servers are permanently shut down due to lack of players”.
The realist in me says: " It’s a just bleeping game!! F@ck 'em!!


Which is what I voted. But not without some sadness.

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( Edited )

I’m silly.

Looks like you edited it after I voted which has wiped my vote.

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Damn you jumped on this poll right away didn’t you?

I expect Eve to outlive me





Don’t say that, we need you, Mike!

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I don’t even hate a lot of the new changes, though there are some things I’m not a fan of - but that permanent construction zone aspect as you put it completely ruins my enjoyment of the game. Some aspects need consistency over time and/or catered for in changes or personally I just can’t enjoy it.

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I haven’t been playing as long as you have and I don’t know if that’s a factor but, like Mike, I don’t play EVE like it’s supposed to be played ( or I do and everyone else isn’t ), see when I open my character choices and chose one to play for the day, I get into its ‘skin’ and imagine myself as the character so, I’m a poor capsuleer who has to survive in a ruthless galaxy full of pirates, weird aliens, oportunists, backstabers… There’s a recession across the constellations and my isk don’t carry me far while I’m stretched thin between taking care of planetary exploitation, building my ammo and buying ships that I hope will survive more than a week. I can’t panhandle, I can steal ( which I’ve done before a few times ) and I can salvage what I kill. EVE isn’t a world I’d like to really live in but I love space adventures and Art - the graphics are awesome ( when everything works as intended ) - and the idea of piloting those big motherF’s is a thrill… It’s like a movie to me in some ways but I get to write the script, for better of worse. I get lost in the game and next thing I know it’s 4am and it’s too late to sleep before my doctor’s appointment :upside_down_face:


I hope it continues for a long time, but I’m not sure how long I’ll enjoy playing it. I hate the permanent construction zone and change just for the sake of change.


I hope EVE will outlive me. But also I have no hope for EVE as is, or as was.

“If you’re not moving forward, you’re going backwards”. Old EVE is no more and it only continue to evolve forward. Bitter vets will die off sooner or later. To survive game must applause new and new generations. We don’t make kids like before. They aren’t interested in game like EVE from its days of glory. Game must change or die. This are rules of market and sad future of EVE.


I don’t blame you. Still though, to me, even with the changes and CCP’s F-ups, it’s still better than most MMO’s they got out there. In fact, I only play two MMO’s, World of Warships ( that game is also kickass ) and EVE. I do play Elite but I chose the single-player option on that one as I’m solely an explorer and the whole Milky Way is within my reach!


I believe in adapting and evolving. As long as they don’t take out P.I I’ll keep playing.
Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

I’m all for adapting and improvising to deal with new content or new situations but far too often when I used to play it was becoming adapting just to do the same things you were doing before or altering something you might have been working towards meaning you no longer had an interest in it and wouldn’t have chosen that path if you knew it was coming (and that isn’t just about people pursuing the OP setups as some like to try and write it off as).


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ah crap. Long live EVE. Long live Mike.


It’s happened to us all I’m sure. I’ve trained into a couple of ships for a months just to find out they nerfed them to hell, or they change the way a module behaves… that’s why I don’t make long-term plans in this game anymore. I just log in and try to have fun, and fun it is, still.
I hope one day they stop screwing with it and let it be as it is, I mean once they’ve improved everything… I know, I know, that day may never come.

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After that thread where it’s CLEAR that CCP people are CHEATING the players and the mods deleting my post just because it’s embarrassing for CCP

I just voted that I hope EVE crashes and burn.

I’m done with this forum and I’m done with the game.

I don’t play with cheaters who are supported by traitors.

Enjoy your declining player base, weasles.
World of Warship is now my favorite game

… thieves.