So much love, yet so much hate. This game inspires the very best and very worst of me

Okay, I don’t like MMOs. I absolutely hate the threat of PVP in any game. I don’t like to compete and never have had the time or will to be good in it.

Every time I launch a game, I expect it to adjust itself to my needs, to my available time and schedule, never the other way around.

I never look out for easy games, I need the challenge factor to love any game at all.

EVE online has brought all the best and worse I ever wanted from any game. You see, I love the sense of wonder, the beauty of this game. It is by far one of the best games I have ever played both in complexity and beauty. Yet, I acknowledge this is not a good game for me.

I don’t have time to play like PVP players do. I don’t have the desire to be confronted by players who have prepared themselves to exploit people who came into this game only for the sense of wonder. I despise this predatory atitude, and forever lament the fact that the developers show no desire to make this a good game for all of us.

I love the complexities, the absurd scope of this game. Yet, when I see how much it rewards predation and abuse from players who think it’s “part of the game” to just go out and blow up some newbies ships… That will forever sound to me like a bad game, developed by people who doesn’t truly care about their actual fan base and player demographic, and think it is quite alright for people to just be stupid and blow other people up, thus ruining their fun and their desire to ever play this game again.

Don’t ever BS me about how there are dangers inside this or that activity. If any activity is offered to all players, then it should have the option both for those who are willing and prepared for PVP, as much as those who just want to play at their leisure, PVEing for fun as I do.

I love the idea that people who have been playing this game for much longer than me have so much understanding and experience. I love the fact that there’s so much content and broadness for all to enjoy, but the fact that players who aren’t interested in engaging other players AT ALL are so forced to be blown up and lose hours of game play for the sake of someone that think it quite an accomplishment to blow those who have just no way or manner to defend themselves.

I’ll not play this game anymore. After so many hours of drooling over environments, ship designs, and the sheer complexities of this game, I just can’t take it anymore. After taking all measure of caution to explore and have fun in this game, I just can’t endure the inequality of it anymore.

I hope all fans of this game keep on having a real good time, despite the fact that it is not an universal game, not a forgiving game, not even a game for all…

This is not a game for me, no matter how much I adore and love how much it feels perfect. As long as there’s no separation from PVP and PVE, I’ll forever hold this HATE/LOVE relationship with it, and prefer so much to keep away from it as much as possible.

I just don’t have the time to invest in a game that doesn’t reward my effort and play style.

Have fun y’all… I’m out.


IMO, that frustration you have is a sign of all the good things that make EVE, EVE.

That it isn’t just a PVP game (PVP at it’s core, but not the only activity the game provides), nor just a PVE game, is why it can attract such a broad group of people and attract such different play style (RIP exploration though). Whether you prefer to build sand castles or knock them down, the game offers something for everyone. I’m, so glad for that.

Totally get your frustration though, as it isn’t for everyone. Good luck with finding something that suits you better.


There is no such thing and once you realize that you will realize where the actual problem is…


As this is one of the older MMOs out there and it has remained fairly true to its core ideas. I say you have no clue what you are talking about.

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I don’t know. I’m not really agreeing with OP totally, but I don’t think CCP has much integrity. Free accounts are a plague, bots are commonplace. Skill trading, skill queues… I think they’ve gone back on their word many times. I think the worst of it all is the free accounts. That really gets abused. I remember playing in 2007 and it was still dangerous. There wasn’t as much content but things seemed overall better. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to update my skill training. What a time.

Does anyone else wish for a server with older ruleset than the current live version? I think I’d like to go back to the w-space expansion. Can’t remember what it was called though.

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Did you really take all measures tho?

I don’t know how far you progressed in the game, but EVE does give you many many options. Unfortunately, it can require a lot of patience to get to the point where you can explore those options.

But as some have already hinted in this thread, perhaps you didn’t take away the right lesson. EVE does have something profound to teach, but perhaps you are grasping too tightly to obtain it for the time being.

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It’s none of these things, but no game is or has universal appeal. Eve is a competitive PvP at its core and that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If it doesn’t align with your expectations and desires in a recreational pass-time, good on you for recognizing that and moving on to find something that does.

Honestly, the level of risk and danger is this game is almost a complete illusion. Stuff is 100% safe in stations, forever, meaning only a tiny fraction of a player’s wealth is ever at any risk outside of a few edge cases. Further, CCP has spend probably a decade making the game, especially highsec, even safer (and stuffing tthe game full of resources reducing the need to compete), to the point the point that at least direct loss to other players is a notable event because it doesn’t happen very often.

That said, it can happen as you say. It’s incredibly hard for a mid- or high-level player to lose something to a pirate these days in a highsec with border-line ungankable ships and a safety setting to prevent trickery, but it can indeed happen. I also get that predation by other players maybe more common an event for newer players which is a game design problem hard to get around, but even experienced players can get complacent or make a bone-headed mistake and lose a bunch of their stuff. Some can’t even tolerate having to alter their game play at all to adapt their game play to those around them. If dealing with that isn’t something you want to deal with or can tolerate, then you are making the right choice.

Best of luck out there finding something that better suits you! O7 and fly safe!


Good riddance.


Alirght then:


One Love Baby Pa

Wait, can i have your stuff and your sp? Thank you.

This game inspires an emotional reaction? I am apathetic about a spaceship game.

You’re seriously missing out and even more seriously are doing it wrong if you not once get an adrenaline rush out of this game. Your CreditCard approach towards it is actually going to hurt your experience in the long run.


Hi there. Absolutely spot on in your description of what the game truly is about.

However, if you do decide to return - I would say focus on the community and interaction rather than the actualy game mechanic. The community is amazing and what keeps a lot of us staying.

Who knows - the game may change for the better eventually :sunny:

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I would highly suggest you to come play Elite Dangerous in Open Play mode, where space is big enough to be on your own doing pve, and at the same time be able to engage in some pvp elements if you choose to, and be part of player groups/activities.

Plus they’re adding a bunch of stuff in the next year, ie spacelegs, being able to land on atmospheric planets, and some basic structure for industry/crafting (we already have refineries).

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I skimmed through your post and came to the conclusion that you’re probably looking for something like Egosoft’s X series.

Have a look at X3. Also X4: Foundations is coming along nicely, but content-wise it’s still rather lacking right now.


Your second sentence - and indeed your entire post - is contradicted by your third sentence.

and may it remain so
Actually it is sadly much more forgiving and pandering than it once was. Eve never was a game for all…efforts to move it somewhat in that direction have only resulted in damaging the game.

My comment to the OP was mostly around being blasted by other players. Sure changes have been made for better or worse but it’s still there as a core part of Eve.

I dont see how free accounts have hurt the game. Does it relate to bots? As I have not ran into many if any bots at all the effect cant be that big. I have read a bit about it, sounds like some may have been put in by the developers for whatever reason. Usally the complaints seem to be focused around faction warfare. Would love to know more if anyone has some accurate info?

Any changes to the skills seem to be user friendly upgrades. Only part that could be a takeaway from the core game is the injectors. As this is completely driven by players still earning the skills, I dont see the downside.

Edit: In addition, for the purists out there wishing the game or whatever game you like stayed more original.

Hitler was a purist…

And games need to change and evolve as more tend to leave games for lack of new changing content then staying for the same thing over and over and over and over and over…

It also makes people sound old. " I used to walk 5 miles to school every day " or in this case. " I remember when Eve used to ( add old memories here ) "

It’s free ISK for those that can use Alphas effectively and don’t mind the limitations.