A Gentle Review From a New User

I first started playing Eve Online 6 months ago, after I was told about it in game chat ( in another MMO ). I was talking about the older games I miss playing. The player told me, “Eve Online is still around, I guess some of the senior gamers still play on it.”. I decided to have a look.

This reminded me of the 1980’s game “Starflight” by EA. Back then it was a cutting edge stand alone game. The game include exploration, meeting aliens, fighting or trading with aliens, collecting lifeforms and minerals, and finding habitable worlds to colonize. There was a massive star map ( over 250 solar systems ), multiple planets at each star, and the game was open world with an overall plot goal. You built your ship, crew, and there was even space police to arrest you (software pirate prevention) for stealing.

Eve Online seems to be a fun PvP game - where you are worthy of destruction from day one. Most other MMOs ease the players into that hot bath slowly. Here PvP is very present, I think players need to understand they can and will lose ships multiple times. This is a good method, the better approach other PvP games fail to grasp. I was a bit taken for surprise, when a few players would apologize for blowing up my venture. I wouldn’t be here, if I didn’t comprehend PvP games.

Now I didn’t come here to only sing the praises of Eve Online, but to also express what has been overlooked and off-track. The game’s 3D screen is apparently fireworks and nothing more. Sure you can click on objects in space, but literally everything can be done much better from 2D overview windows and shortcut keys.

Long trips in warp get redundant too fast, and one quickly learns the autopilot feature is never to be used. There are pointless amounts of beeps and lights, without any meaning to the player, and excessive audio and visual notifications abound. How many times do I need to be told I pressed the warp button? The AI audio gets old and I am certain others have muted it, if not the entire audio system.

Some of the visuals can be suppressed in settings but the recent abuse of DOCKING, docking, and oh by the way you are docking now. Makes me feel like the game designer is calling me an imbecile. “Here you need to be told this twice visually, and a few more time with audio, just in the event you are a blind man playing our game.”. There is a reason Rookie Chat has roughly 10% of the population in there. The confusing UI is only the start of it.

While I enjoy playing here casually, I still don’t see any need to spend my real world currency on this game. This is why the game is hemorrhaging revenues. According to most players I have spoken with in chat, they buy Omega for one month so they can build up strength, and then “huff gas” to buy Plex off the market for ISK to obtain next month’s Omega for playing.

Unfortunately this means someone else is buying the Plex for cash and dumping it into the market for ISK. This is a death cycle for any game. It can’t last, it is akin to the old Ponzi scheme or multi-level marketing. The flow slows to a crawl and eventually it stops when the investors cash out. I am not calling Eve Online a scam here, just stating the virtual economy is built on a rickety ladder. Getting to the top will just depend on deep pockets. I am willing to spend but I don’t pay to win. There is nothing wrong with the pay to win system, other games use it, and are very good at selling it.

To sum up, overall this is a good game with some great players. However it is not a great or unique game. It has more issues than I care to mention, but first the developers need something to sell me. I am not finding it anywhere. Until that day arrives, I will be here… the sponge on the sands of CCP, the barnacle on your ship, and the bloodsucker on your neck.


You are wrong.

Money will not save you, miner.


You are wrong about this as well.

Getting to the top in EVE Online depends on how skilled you are as a participant. No amount of RL money you put in will make you a better player.


You can play just fine as alpha, it’s just that some play styles are limited or impossible for alphas, that has mostly to do with how afkable they are as they don’t want us to make a zillion alpha accounts and mess things up.

EVE is mostly about knowledge and experience: no amount of isk, skill points or ship size/value will save you if you lack understanding. That thus means there’s no real point in trying to “powerlevel” through omega or skill injectors. It’ll take you longer to learn the game a bit and figure out how to do things, than it takes your skills to complete.


If you’re a newbie, Eve is pay to lose:

  • Spend money for ISK for your first astrahus? You’ll lose it.
  • Spend money for ISK for skill injectors and a marauder? You’ll lose it.
  • Spend money for ISK for skill injectors and a capital ship? You’ll lose that too.
  • Spend money for ISK for purpling out your ship? You guessed it, that’a gonna die real fast.
  • Spend money for ISK to start and seed your own corporation and invite strangers to it? That ISK is going to get socially engineered away.

Some things money can buy, for everything else there’s someone wiser who’ll capitalize on your deep pockets for you.


You want to believe this so go ahead and do it. In this modern Eve game, money totally talks.

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Good points, I particularly agree on:

  • The graphics are essentially fireworks and window dressing, and many players end up playing with a UI setup that minimizes even those.
  • Overuse of graphics and sound cues, basically just to fill space. And you’re correct, a great many EVE players simply turn audio off after a while. (Not terribly unusual in a lot of games, though.)
  • The “I don’t see a need to spend” point is frequent - but not universal. Alpha gives you quite a bit of access, so many players are fine with that. However there’s a lot of EVE careers that benefit greatly from Omega (whether bought or Plex’d) and that’s worth considering.

That quote is essentially what I’ve been saying about EVE for a decade now. TBH, EVE is somewhat unique if you’re of the ganking mentality - not many games allow the freedom of attacking other players, new and old, in all the various ways EVE does.

It also has an interesting economy that’s also not unique, but considerably more in-depth than most MMOs.

The PvE/PvP/explore/travel/interact mechanics are what really shows EVE’s age, with many systems that are just way too clunky and awkward. They feel like leftovers from the 90’s. Someday they may get some new blood on the dev team that isn’t stuck in a rut from 2 decades ago… but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

At any rate, welcome to EVE and hope you enjoy your stay!

EVE is one of the longest-running MMO’s in existence, coming up on 20 years now. That wouldn’t be the case if EVE wasn’t a “great or unique game”.

EVE has no “win” condition, therefore it cannot be pay to win. EVE has been a subscription-based game since day one. Alpha is simply an unlimited-time free trial. Be glad that you even have that…


These people then try to persuade themselves that the sole reason they joined Eve was to spend 90% of their in-game time being a miner.

Also, it is often presented as if Omega just confers a few advantages. In fact the advantages are huge, because all the level V skills that you just can’t get with Alpha add up to a hefty difference. For example I have an alpha account with a Gnosis that simply can’t go above about 500 DPS. With an Omega account I can get the Gnosis to 1000 DPS.

Plex has been around and for sale for ISK for about 15 years, we had ETC’s (for sale for ISK via forums) before that. Although I do appreciate the new way of saying eve is dying. Eve has been dying since 2003. :smiley:


I remember playing that game, it was actually well done and quite fun to play. Took a bit of time to figure out all the clues in it, eventually getting to the final stage resulting in a big plot twist.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane…

+1 like for that…

Op has a fresh smell because there is i like PVP in it
that said you are to green to get most of EVE online complexities
7/10 good effort

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Have you heard the story of the red dot and how long that took to get a toggle in the settings menu?


Thanks for your new player experiences, ones that doesn’t cry about PvP and getting blown up.

Your summary matches what my younger brother told me including the reason you don’t play it anymore (or just casually here and then). Unfortunately that will never change because this game is disgusting cash grab and it is only getting worse. It is pay to win too, but lately pretty much all MMOs are so what. I can assure you that even as a new player you can compete with veterans and you can be useful in fleets, however it still requires months of SP and experience training and you need to get into good corp with solid leaders and FCs.

Also, you need to realize this is a sandbox game, there is no actual content like in WoW type of MMOs, you need to make your own content, figure what you want to do and then work towards that. Which is another reason why most new players doesn’t stay here, they want linear progression and they need to be told what to do.

My experience as a new player:

Eve seems to be purpose-built in a way that I suspect has been pushing new players away for a long time. It seems the whole game is constructed to make new players feel like they have to spend a lot of real money to compete or “catch up”.

The other option for new players being to spend a year or more paying a hefty monthly subscription just for the privilege of being cannon fodder for vets while trying to scrape for pennies, watching countless weeks-long timers tick down before getting even close to a somewhat level playing field. The SP system is really good at making new players feel like they’re being punished for being a new player.

I’d much rather they focused more on making cosmetics their primary source of revenue, but as-is, skins being tied to a single character make them a low value, and they are too few and really just underwhelming in general imo. Most skins seem to be geared toward a very young and edgy target audience…

It doesn’t even make financial sense to me for them to sell Plex if it’s just going to be traded to someone who uses it to avoid paying a subscription - it’s just changing who the money comes from rather than increasing their income…

Plex costs more than paying a subscription with cash. CCP makes even more money when someone plexes their account…


Some corporations exist and make a living on this, it’s part of the game and make logistics very very interesting.

Sure, plenty of 20 year old MMO’s around.

Takes time to understand Eve, more than 6 months.


It took me actually 6 month to the point EvE “clicked” with me. I was just following the presented paths this time, not seeing behind the curtain. The moment I understood EvE was when I participated in a free for all PvP event and was actually able to start score wins in my little Tristan against veteran players. After I have thrown away a lot more Tristans this day.

The conclusion, if you understand the mechanics, and have situational awareness, you figure out niches you can be competitive and have fun. Roaming and PvP is what keeps me around because it’s chaotic, surprising, about people, and relaxing if you want. You never know what will happen next.


Unless you fly a non pvp ship - then you know what happens each time.

the autopilot feature is never to be used

Not entirely true…

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