I like this game

I played a bit when EVE first released. Came back to check what’s what and here’s what I like:

  • Visuals have improved - wow. The UI so good now, and the tutorial visuals were top notch. Old stations still have blurry textures and old ship models still look mostly meh, but if new CONCORD ship models are anything to judge the future by, I have high hopes.
  • Love the pay to win. I could never make any money back in 2003 to buy ships, so couldn’t really play the game. Now I just swipe and set to go. (no sarcasm)
  • Lots of PVE content (at least it seems so) and I’m exclusively for it. Loved the voiced story in the tutorial.

Please, more awesome ship models (and it would be cool if you redesigned old ones), and more PVE content with voiced missions!


Nah this really feels like a troll post. Just your basic stuff and mix in something to trigger the online community here.

DARE I ASK… Could you uh… Elaborate on that point OP? :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Good to hear you are enjoying the game. :+1: Most users just come to the forums to complain about it. This is true for any online game forum.

I do want to inform you, last year they actually had a better UI and this current “Photon UI” is their replacement. It takes a bit of work with the settings to get it visually functional. I consider it a functional UI but not necessarily the better one. The 3D background is mostly eye candy (e.g. fireworks) and I play a lot of my time in 2D mode (toggle CTRL+SHIFT+F9) which increases my frame rate, ping, and gives better performance. I do agree the ship models are very nicely made.

I don’t call it a “pay to win” more like a “pay to cheat” system, but whatever floats your boat. I personally recommend new user take in about 2 weeks of video tutorials on YouTube, while their character trains up skills. Even if you are omega getting the 2x speed boost, 2 weeks is about a full month of training for an alpha. You need those skills for making the most out of this game.

I couldn’t agree more with you on this aspect. However the issues they run into on this is the massive multilingual voice library needed to be generated and downloaded. This would add a lot more bloat to the game, especially for players who will reject using it.

Welcome to Eve Online, I hope you continue to have fun in the game.
Fly safe o7


Hilmar is that you?


No one openly acknowledges that they like pay to win, just secretly accepting it as a part of the game you enjoy!





Do not fall for this unserious post everyone. It’s meant to trigger the worst here. It’s bait. I can feel it!

Where is the but?

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What’s the saying?

You can polish a turd, but it’s still…

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Cow turds are not to be wasted… I learned this last night. Blew my mind. Changed my concept of turds.

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Yes, you can use it as fireplace fuel or garden fertilizer …and a building material.
In my hoods they are called cow pies or cow mines hehe.

What’s your Story anyways with those? Can you share it?

I can understand the confusion and skepticism toward OP by majority of posters here but it is just knee-jerk reaction to anything posted by fresh (days old) forum/game characters about their impression on EVE Online :slight_smile: No matter how flattering. It’s some kind of hazing instinct for sure :confused:

Composted cow manure is a commodity to most people who dont live in the city, where delicious food and what seem to magically appear out of nowhere



Ah, the ever present ‘pay to win’ fallacy…

It’s not so much that paying is really no guarantee of winning…or that nobody can really even define what ‘winning’ actually is. It’s more the presentation of some sort of ‘unfairness’ via money that does not exist via grinding.

Trouble is, the unfairness does exist with the grinding. Person A may have twice as much time available to grind as person B. Is that ‘fair’ ? Isn’t Person A twice as ‘time rich’ as person B ? Isn’t person A then winning the ‘grind to win’ race ? Nobody ever mentions that.

And if person B makes up for the lack of grind time by opening their wallet and bringing in money to make up the balance with person A…in what conceivable sense have they ‘paid to win’ ???

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21 days later, I’ve pumped 60 million SP into my main, got an alt account that can do pretty well in an Orca, Hulk, Bustard, Astero. Joined a nullsec alliance. I’m really having a blast. I just really wish there was more pve and eyecandy, and really do enjoy pay to win. Well, it’s not really winning though, just having a chance at it. Player experience and knowledge definitely beats any newbie with whatever amount of PLEX.

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Who’s that?

I personally define p2w as items you can only get through paying money and not through gameplay. I generally don’t mind things that speed up time (unless the grind is purposefully made to be annoying in order to force people into paying money to skip the grind.)

In my mind, it’s also required for there to be pvp involved in a p2w system, because if there isn’t, then there’s no winning, since there’s no competition.

The grind required to plex an account is currently pretty abusive, not that that’s CCP’s fault directly, since the in-game market is responsible for setting the price. Even so, because there is a market, it allows anyone who wishes to, to get any item they wish, through game play.

I actually find sp injection less egregious than the skill locking for alpha accounts. EVE has been active for 20 years, and so it’s useful to have some sort of catchup mechanic for new players.

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or players who were away for a while due to pesky IRL things.

damn right i grabbed a couple of the sp boosters to, after the various rebalances that took place in my absence, get myself back to roughly where i was before i left.

Still only a 55m SP account though, even for it being 11 years old.

EVE isn’t a good game anymore; it is a template of what a good came could be.

EVE is the video game equivalent of buying a plot of land, buying a bunch of building materials, getting all the permits, and then taking the rest of the budget that was allocated for labor costs to build the actual building and investing it into a crypto Ponzi scheme instead. Then everything just lays on the planned construction site for decades, abandoned and untouched. At some point, no one even knows who owns the deed/title anymore.

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I also like this game.
keep having fun, friend :smiley: