Returning after 4 years. My honest thoughts


I have not played eve since 2016. Coming back I see some great changes but also some other thing that are surprisingly the same. Now before I start remember I’m not trying to say my opinions are anything other than opinions and/or constructive criticism.

The first and biggest thing is EVE is still quite sloppy in couple areas. Yes the 64-bit client along with better hardware makes fps much more stable. Time dilation has not improved at all, 4 years and slow motion battles are still slow motion battles. Would be a great goal to have a 256vs256 battle higher than 90% TiDi within 5 years.

The second part is EVE looks sloppy in areas. Too many drones orbiting. Those beautiful cinematics of ships warping and approaching in nice duel or tri level V, apollo, and card formations don’t actually occur in EVE. Just a big ball of chaos unleashing more visual chaos in the form of drones. There should be options for squad wing and fleet commanders to set formations in which the fleet ships automatically fall into. Each higher level of command can detach wings or squads from the formation allow them to choose their own formation. The speed and formation matches to the commanding ship excluding limitations with prop mods and tackle. The formation stops the need to mindlessly anchor in orbit.

Last off grid boosts were fixed besides high sec war dec corps. They are running superpowered 3rd party corp fleet boosts with remote sebos allowing them to tackle shuttles. I dont think those fleet boost are getting aggression timers or even becoming red to the attacked party.

This post is really about the basic fundamentals of EVE. The way it looks and plays and how that has evolved over time. Sure I can post a movie of TiDi and speed it back up and try to catch angles that look good but does that really make the game epic in realtime.

Thanks for reading! Yes I proofread my shat after I type it as fast as I can.

So this is just you venting? I don’t understand.

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