After 13 years its time to drain my amniotic fluid

So, i started eve in 06, been active for all but a year since then. I love eve, Loved might be better. The game is gorgeous, and the mechanics of the combat is amazing, but its lacking anything approaching strategy. Way back when you could have fights where it was touch and go, not because of constantly arriving blues, but because the fcs on both sides knew what they were doing and their support was experienced and focused on the fight and winning it with minimal losses. Now it seems that once a fight starts it just escalates and escalates. Which is rediculous.

Strategically speaking, it is ludicrous to throw all you have into one fight especially when you have assets to protect. The idea of invulnerability timers and SBUs is ludicrous at best and absolutely stupid imo. If the concept of invulnerability is possible, then wouldnt every station, ship, etc have it, that is how it is in reality. The USA invents laser-targeted weaponry, within a decade the whole world has it, the germans invent Long range rockets within a decade the world if full of them everywhere.

Im not comparing New Eden with our world as if i expect it to reflect reality even remotely, but what i do and have always wished for is that eve would actually go a bit more Wargame with itself. Instead of letting people have an out with invulnerability timers Make them have to defend at All times. Isnt that how it is in reality. You have an asset , lets say you are protecting a nuclear weapon for instance, you dont leave it sitting unguarded ever do you? Not even when you have to sleep or crap etc… you get others to help. Thats the thing. Sov is ludicrous, SBUs should be replaced with the idea of Structure dominance, the more active structures (size taken into account) in a system and more active players in an alliance in that system , sov is held that way. Not shooting some arbitrary magical item that somehow maintains systemwide control through no discernable means. Oh i got more magical sov boxes than you system is mine he he. Its like toddler level stupid.

Coalitions are the bane of the player who has a brain. Those who want to test fits and make amazing feats of pvp are screwed. Why? Because when they try they are Always set upon by a horde. 1 on 1 is dead and micro - small gang is just about dead too, the entities that claim they are micro-small gang may do that on a regular basis, but the deciding periods of their corporate life are almost always either structure fights or something of the like which means having blues and going blob. So it is literally impossible to play (other than in wh and tbh that is getting worse too) on that level which is where the better pvprs are from my experience.

So eve , its been good from 06-10 was the best period imo. The last 8 or so years have been terd after terd in regards to ccp choices. Tbh imo the best thing they did was make citadels, ending the POS’s in WH madness. Goodbye ccp, say goodbye to my 12 accounts and 600 or so dollars american in cash a month ive been paying for more than a decade. You got me. I hast been had…

GL on making this game playable guys, you pretty much need to rework everything about 0.0 sov mechanics, structures, and apply some sort of limit to coalition size or this game is gonna just keep getting smaller and smaller as people get fed up with the nonsense.

Can I have your stuff then.


:rofl: Looking at your zkillboard history you did ■■■■ all in your time in EVE. Kind of hard to take you serious on issues of small gang warfare or anything else PvP related.

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He did say 12 accounts.

You looked at all 12 of them?

Probably not.


If I gained a billion ISK every time someone claimed to be unsubscribing 5+ accounts because of salty-butt-hurt-reason-number-x I would be ganking in titans.


Tl;dr I made trial account 13 years ago and logged in once in a while, game was crap enough I didnt stay long or do anything. Now the game is crap and I’ll finally leave sorta but not really. Maybe in a year I’ll come back as alpha again.

this is a reroll thats less than a year old. Look up Natya Alekscyev, Daemoinin, Mithrawn’arudo, etc…

Sorry to see you go. OP.

Travel well.

People come and people go.
People come and people go, go.
People come and people go, go, go.
People come and people go, go, go, go away.

Until so many people go that no people come.

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