Game is incredibly shallow

Not sure how you’re not seeing it, even in huge fleets, it’s just 20 nerds sitting with garage door openers. It’s funny seeing Eve not evolve beyond its completely Fisher Price toy tier interactivity mechanics.

I wonder how long this ancient and utterly simplistic model of engagement will survive for, Star Citizen is definitely turning into something else, it’s steadily turning into what this project should have been years ago under the correct leadership.

The people behind Eve’s visuals should absolutely join Chris Roberts and co, and leave the rest behind.


Innnn beforrrreeeeee Lockkkkkk!


I get it, newer games are on the rise, hopefully people wont just hate on you for pointing this out.

PvP can vary along multiple dimensions in Eve. If sov warfare isn’t for you, that’s fine. That’s not everything this game has to offer. Perhaps you might have more fun doing solo or small gang PvP. Or, perhaps you can try stepping up for roles that require more autonomy, or even try to learn everything you can so that you can start FC’ing yourself.

Or, you know, you can judge the entire sandbox based upon one type of PvP that even other Eve players disparagingly refer to as being an “F1 Monkey”.


New? Star citizen was supposed to be the eve killer 9 years ago.


Star citezen doesn’t have a record of greatest lag in MMO history because of massive player interaction. Eve Online doesn’t survive that long because CCP are good at innovation. Eve survive because players love the player interaction this game provides.


I came from Elite Dangerous looking for more player interaction, discarded EVE due to “not being a sim” so tried Scam Citizen for a month and realised it’s vapour ware. Then went “oh well I’ll give EVE a try”, that’s 4 months ago and a few restarts later (one yesterday actually, this character is now discontinued) I’m still very much invested and looking for more.


95% of the game mechanics is what happens BEFORE the garage door opener is pressed.

You are ignoring 95% of the mechanics by simplifying it too much. There is the part in the garage where you set up the car; clutch, brakes, fluids, program the computer. Earning money to afford your set up. etc That is ACTUALLY the meat of the game.

Only then can you press the garage door opener. I would concede, we only get to drive the car out, turn it around and drive back in, so I take your point that once battle engages its won before it started. But the game is really about the preparation to PVP.

If you dont like the pre fight game your not going to enjoy the inflight game.

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That is one of its angles.

WoW has a battleground. Official name is Ashran. Some call it trashran. It lagged out a few years a few so bad they dropped its numbers. to 25 per side. It still has lag moments. They got brave in recent patch. Put it back to 30, or 35.

Many options out there offer pvp. but they limit it. and its instanced. And still they have issues with 60 or less players on the field.

Well that and mmo’s tend to b shallow these days. WHy I am here again. WoW got inches deep on lore and story lol. Unless your idea of fun is to run dungeon X, again, but this time at higher key there is not much there. It became like spinal tap.

It goes to 11.

So is that better?

Its like…1 louder.

Since many copy WoW…if you strip away the gear chase not much is there if raid/dungeon or death is not your thing… does not the 220+ Weapon thrill you. Make you want to sub longer? My case that was a no.


Most combat in EVE can easily be done with one hand on the mouse and the other wrapped around a slice of pizza.

So is it shallow? Absolutely!
But the real question is, is it fun? That you’ll have to answer for yourself.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

“Its a marathon, not a sprint”
EVE is about careful planning, not immediate action. Much like the game of chess where planning is king and execution is just a formality. Not that you instant gratification kids would understand this concept.


Show me where the ganker touched you…

Welcome to eve…

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Is that game even finished? I checked out their webpage… Expensive game!

If you think the game is shallow, then maybe you are looking for depth in the wrong place?

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Some examples would be helpful.

Here’s the planning I see.

Hey guys, lets go sit on a gate today and share memes.
I saw a structure yesterday. Anyone want to bash it?
I think I’ll move my ISK doubler from Amarr to Jita today.
Anyone want to 1 on 1?
And so on.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Conquer Geminate/Providence/Pure Blind, how about that? Cant get away without much planning.

It’s not a game which is shallow, it’s your aspirations.

Okay everybody. Listen up.
This is the big one. The one we’ve be training for all this time. Don’t panic and everything will be okay.

Just remember our carefully thought out plan.

I tell you who to shoot. And then you shoot them.


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


This is partly what lead to me starting anew with a different plan and goal.

i like eve online a lot
if you don’t
go play star citizen them

Good riddance


Chess is even simpler, and you can even use Fisher Price pieces!

More nerds play chess than play Eve. Go bug them for a while.