This is the EVE, not the Sunset

A friend of mine asked why i still play EVE Online when it is over 15 years old and apparently in its last years.

I said, I still play because this is the only game of its kind, nothing on the shelves remotely compares to the huge community and depth of game play. Not to mention there is still no other PVP experience like it in gaming. Sure there are plenty of online games that offer huge pvp battles, but they are all arcade rinse and repeat types, nothing like the player made economy depth that makes EVE PVP exciting and risky.

It also has much more potential than people both outside and insinde the game give it credit for.

CCP still has not opened up any wormholes to other galaxies, Imagine if the EVE gate opens again and we can travel back to Earth and the solar systems around Earth. EVE lore would double in size in the blink of a wormhole.

There are other possibilities as well. This game captures the bigger picture of science fiction by allowing players to control ships, fleets , corporations, alliances. What will happen when CCP allows players to create their own Empires? I am talking about when we can start taking ownership of planets and literally create cities, manage planet side empires and people in one giant galactic game of RISK (or try Stellaris). The possibilities are endless so long as CCP is willing to keep creating.

Some say EVE will die when Star Citizen launches. Well, they may be right because it could be another 15 years before Star Citizen is ready and just maybe EVE Online will become EVE Online II by then.

So I think my friend will play EVE for awhile.


I’ve tried Star Citizens.
There is a “thin red line” where the “simulation” is to complex to fathem.
EVE is to deep and complex for mainstream, but it’s not as simulation as Star Citizens.
EVE is a niche, but maybe recent changes will expand the niche, those who joined EVE long ago had probably more patient and where curious about how this game works.
The new player experiance is much better now than it was when I started and they have Alpha clones. So maybe more people will stick with it a bit longer and find the joy. IDK.
I think the ballance between patient and action is fault on Star Citizens. Just finding the Hangar to get in my ship was a struggle. Lots of EVE players are adults with jobs and family. They don’t have time for a 2 hour undock process.
Another thing to think about is game ballance. EVE has been balanced through 15 years. Still new content must be balanced after tested out. Star Citizens wit FPS element and “real” simulation. The balance will be hard to manage. Imaging a monopoly game with your friends, where there is no rules. Total anarchy, you could break your buddys fingers, steal his money. Next time you invite to monopoly night, no one shows up.
EVE has got n00b systems, HS, LS, NS, WS and CONCORD. Agressive timer and other “magic” limitations that make the game progression based. Of course a “lame” older player can shoot n00b players in starter systems for fun. But most doesn’t. I think it is a ban reason.

If you add “magical” limitations in Star Citizens, wouldn’t it just be another “Unreal Tournament IV”?

Don’t mis understand, I really like the initiative to make such a game, but is it a game or simulator?
Maybe it’s the start of our Avatar experiance. Using AI to travel into space from our screens at home?
EVE is still a game…
over and out


Yes eve is cool but this cool core which was even more lively than today was designed by different people who enjoyed making a good game a game they themselves wanted to play.Nowdays those people are no more with CCP and only the janitors are left


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