Elite: Dangerous have ~400 billions of stars and EVE just only ~7800. Why CCP?!?!?

I’m finally tryed out Elite and have only one question…

Why CCP? Why EVE universe is SOOO small???
Why you dont doubled or tripled star systems? Or better just create procedural galaxy to explore???
Since EVE will celebrate 20 years in 2023 it looks even more obvious ToDo thing.

We’re sit almost 20 years in this cage. It’s really tight here now.
Powerblocks own everything out of highsec.
If newcomer wants his place - he face this fact and just loose all interest.
I’m faced this myself and no big reasons to play. Just because everything is already taken.
EVE playerbase is in stagnation. ~30k daily peak is same as year or two ago.

Elite instead grow every year and by steamchart it’s around ~10k online. If we add EGS and standalone launcher, i suppos it would be ~15k.
1/2 of EVE just because of free space to explore!
Imagine If Elite add free, player driven market and production. It beats EVE just like that :clap: :dash:

CCP must act ASAP, before it’s too late!!!
As i say we need at least triple current number of K-space systems. And in perfect - add complete procedural galaxy with billions of stars.

It’s only what can save EVE.

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For a start, ED doesnt have perpetuality.

It doesnt have good (sometimes even stable) instancing, even though instancing is their main way of providing enviroments and player interactions.

Theres not really a functional corp or alliance system.

The FW equivalent is extremely obscurely devised and needlessly complex and unintuative.

Its Reputation with NPCs system is likewise counter intuative.

Their universe simulation is basically 90% of what their servers do.

You cant store items.

You cannot leave a ship, only switch to another.

Its extremely easy to avoid interactions with other players on any level, even in Open

Terrible character generator where all the males look like their old Community Manager, Ed.

You think Trigs are bad? Try a Thargoid Interdiction.

Dont get me wrong, Ive played it since it came out and I do like it but the above is really where Elite is still behind EvE.

Where its ahead:

Fun to fly ships

Far more customisation options for the ships

Sexy ships

Planet surfaces


Entertaining lore thats interesting and fun and not boring and full of its own misery.


Salvage drones that can recover cargo as well as salvage.

Actual piracy mechanics.

Actual space physics (to a degree)

A big though mostly empty (ie realistic) galaxy simulation

Oh and a good community that Frontier supports. #ForTheMug!


I don’t know what this is, but I think Eve needs some of it.


M2 lagssacre says hello.

Wot ?

How many people can you have fighting on the same grid in E:D before the server just sort of goes “Nah, I think I’ll take a break”? Less than one hundred? Pointing to one fight and saying “This is proof the game is dying” is a poor arguement.

I dont think the instances even actually allow access to either more than 16 or more than 32, iirc

da hunterz must have da prey.

Elite, as amazing as it is, is effectively a single player game with some p2p multiplayer options. I come from elite, discarded EVE at first (lol it’s not a sim) so I tried Star Citizen which… lets not go there. Now I’m here.

If Elite had meaningful interaction in an actual continuous multiplayer environment then a) there’d be no reason to ever play anything else and b) it would effectively be Star Citizen and for that exact reason that will never happen. And because of that you also can’t compare it to EVE nor can you look at Elite and go “EVE should have that”.


I completely agree, my dude.

Id play either EvE with Elite’s universe and game engine, or Elite with EvE’s perpetuality and markets.

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That will change with Elite Odyssey, we get spacelegs FPS, and atmospheric planets landing !

Due out in a few months from now.

Star Citizen will roll over in its grave soon.

Yeah, I know. But Im not sure youll be able to just get out of your ship and have a walk around the docking bay. I fear its FPS or fly/drive only. No just going for a walk etc.

Anyway, I was only talking about what its like atm. Im quite looking forward to my Elite Feet

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Oh lets hook up our Elite Feet adventures !

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I suppose, Frontier on it’s way to free markets, crafting and claim mechanics
Sooner or later we’ll see them.
And when it’s happen… CCP better hold tight!



I also started playing Freelancer Discovery mod again,

That shi is so old but still Gold ! And they frequently update it still !

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Hey did you know Freespace has some mods to bring it up to date? And even (with some tinkering) HOTAS support? I know Freelancer too, liked it a lot I recall.

Also HOTAS was made for Elite, such a joy to fly!

I did see a Star Wars full conversion mod yeh, havent dabbed into it yet

Ive been dabbling with a B5 mod for Freespace, looks just like the 90s

Only good



Holy shiiiit

Thats my weekend sorted :smiley:


EVE is about player interaction.

With billions of stars in EVE, each player could have their own personal region of space to mine, rat and explore in. No more fights, everyone solo.

Sounds incredibly boring to me.