Why is eve a nieche and why does it appeal to so few people

Well, here I go, though I’m nearly sure CCP will not give a ■■■■, I will still give my opinion on why this game is a ■■■■ in the eyes of most people and why is it suffocating when other pvp games are living their golden age.

There are many issues but here are some of the main ones:

  • Most of the game is just watching the paint dry: No matter what is your chosen career, this affects everybody. One of the main reason for this is the travelling. There is no local instant actions. The only exceptions were
    a: missions, which was undock, fight dock undock fight dock… if a mission was 2 jumps away most ust dropped it and asked for an other mission
    b: ratting, but thats 0.0 activity only

  • Aggression: It doesn’t matter what you as CCCP (not a mistake, intentional) want from your players, you have to get over it, most of the people are peaceful creatures. Catering only for your chosen will just drive others away. Of course this is a pvp game and it would be the whole point so people play pvp BUT, here comes your next mistake:

  • Greed: yeah, I mean your greed that is mixed with zero knowledge. You want people to sub monthly, then you want people to buy pixelspaceships, then pop that pixelspaceship in 10 sec and then buy an other pixelspaceship, but all this while you restrict their ingame income so they buy them for real money. ohh well. if it would be 1 or 2 a month, maybe people would do it, but buying 1 or 2 every 10 minutes… no way. And so, here comes the next problem:

  • No steady safe income: Missions would be that but they are being taken away. Now alphas can only do lvl3 max and just and only pirates can do lvl5. In your big push to make people play pvp you took away their last means of actually do it…

What this game would need to get and keep more players:

1: more and more accessible PVE content. Instant action is that keeps people playing
2: easier access to ships, higher rewards. of course not high enough to make everybody doing it, find the balance
3: accessible ingame subscription. you seem to forget that every sold ingame plex is money for you. if it cost 2 bill, much less will be sold and so much less will be bought for real cash
4: better optional pvp system
5: slower pvp
6: REMOVE GRIEFING. It just and only shows what mentally challenged plebs you are. Thats clearly the reason why you cater for your kind only…

Oh well, I know this will all be removed in an instant but I dont care, I just go and buy an other tank for 50eur in WoT. I could have spent it here too but…

Griefing is already banned.
So… no problem.

The rest of your points miss the mark just as widely.


no, its not, griefing has many forms and most are allowed, what more, catered to… so you missed the mark

For a post that was a rambling mess, this really stood out for being wrong.

That’s not based on any form of reality that actually exists.


Sounds like EVE isn’t the game for you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…


I mine and mission in high sec every day. Do you know how many times I get griefed every day? Zero. Only the ignorant and lazy get “griefed”. If you are a lazy, AFK miner, you’re going to get griefed. If you are ignorant enough to fly through a known ganker system with 137 billion ISK worth of crap in your cargo hold, you are going to get griefed. If you are ignorant enough to run around in an 8 billion ISK L4 mission ship, you are going to get griefed. If you are lazy enough to autopilot across 30 jumps in a freighter, you are going to get griefed. And rightly so…


ohh, i did it a long time ago as i see you did it too, exaclty because you were griefed like a real noob… auto targeting gila? :smiley: oh my god of quake :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: skiff, procurer, orca? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

there is no such thing as “rightly so” just in the head of… ohhh, how did I say… “mentally challenged plebs”

ohh yes, because so many missionrunners are actually heading to lowsec in their pimpmobiles :smiley: ohhh, wait, you are right, i’ve forgot the braindead F1 monkeys. sry bro, we are talking about content for the players, not the ants

It’s you that have missed the mark, most of what people like you consider to be griefing is intended gameplay here; that is what makes it niche.

Paraphrasing Malcanis

You, the player, are an adorable golden haired child. You are released, alone but with a map, into a large wilderness park teeming with tens of thousands of rapacious predators. If you are cunning, tenacious and lucky, you can eventually become one of the predators.


People run level 5s in Carriers, so yeah pretty much.

However, what you just wrote isn’t what you wrote before. You don’t need to be a pirate to fly a carrier, or to run level 5s in battleships or Marauders. Nothing about that requires someone to be a pirate.

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yes, this is exactly what I just said, this game caters to griefers. that its allowed its still griefing

I see you are unable to use your remaining little brain… yes, to do that you have to be a pirate or the pirates will take you the moment you go to do the missions… I guess it means nothing for you that all lvl5 missions were moved to pirate lands :smiley:

Liar. Not even an intelligent one. Just a stupid troll who can’t, or doesn’t know, the truth.

Even if pirates might try to scan you down, that doesn’t mean only pirates can run level 5s. That is daft. Go learn the game carebear.


Those were years ago, but every kill I have against me was because of something I did to mess up. I was running combat anoms in that auto-target Gila, wasn’t paying attention, and got ganked. I lost that Orca, Procurer, and Skiff to a single solo player all at once because he was flashing criminal and I attacked him with my drones in a belt and he locked me down with points and scrams. I was ignorant at the time. Now I know better, therefore I haven’t been ganked or “griefed” since…


By definition, it is not; if it were considered to be griefing by CCP we wouldn’t be able to do it.

CCP’s definition matters here, yours is utterly irrelevant. If you feel that CCP shouldn’t allow activities that you consider to be griefing you can stop playing the game.


they not “might” but for sure, this is why they were moved to lowsec and its near impossible to any solo players to run them, its an exclusive lowsec content and lowsec is ruled by the pirate alliances

by YOUR definition its not but who cares of you?

you are still the same ignorant :smiley:

My definition is in line with that of CCP.

Yours on the other hand, is not.


More ■■■■■■■■. Just go learn the game.

I get it. Weak minded carebears struggle to play, so I see where you are coming from, but that weakness isn’t the games fault. It’s just you.

So maybe EVE isn’t for you. If you aren’t up to it, you might find more enjoyment playing something earier.

Lol. Many of the systems you can run level 5s in are empty a lot of the time. They are easy to run, even when there are others in local.