Why is eve a nieche and why does it appeal to so few people

and CCCP’s definition is as irrelevant as is yours

Hello Kitty Online is that way ---->

I’m sure it even has safe spaces and income equality. You’ll be right at home…


ohh, if it would be about weak mind then you would be excluded :smiley: ohh, and this is what Im doing, I play other things. This post is all about letting the losers at cccp know why they have to send their employees away while other mmos earn multimillions, but I know, realising this, your weak mind is not enough. this requires iq

good, I didnt know the way. well seen who came from hkonline :smiley:

Their game, their rules; if you don’t like the rules you don’t have to play.

Their definition carries infinitely more weight than yours.


no, their definition is that makes this game a miserable crap that people are avoiding and even the ones tried are leaving, but again, comprehension and minimal iq is requirement to understand the entire post and you clearly are lacking in both

I guess that’s why there are roughly 6,000 new players in rookie chat each and every day asking questions about how the game works. You know, because they are avoiding EVE…



not everyone is cut out for the game, congrats on finding out sooner than later that you’re not cut out for it. now instead of trying to change the game for everyone else, why don’t you just leave and go do something you enjoy?


And this is how we know that you have nothing.

Play something else if you can’t handle Eve.


there are no 6000 p[layers altogether playing this game at any point of any day :smiley: dream more

why dont you learn to read? its a good way to train your brain, you would need it



like if you didnt know those are alts and bots :smiley:

Ganking and Gate Camps are not griefing. They are standard PvP gameplay.
Griefing however is specifically banned by the EULA.
You need to step back, realise that EVE is an open PvP game and that you might be killed for your loot or just your km even.


Last count was an average 1.5 accounts per player. They won’t all be using multiple accounts at once, so 21k logged in is likely at least 15k unique players.
If you want to assert otherwise provide some evidence.


And you do?


Here’s old CCP_Quant talking about the accounts per player: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/3j7nso/at_least_we_know_how_many_alts_there_are/cun2q2o/

Looks like you’re wrong, kiddo.

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no, they are not, everything that causes somebody grief is griefing. that ccp has their own failed twisted view on it is their own ■■■■, that does not change facts

By your definition you’re griefing, simply because you’re shitstirring on the forums and causing the ISD team grief.


count? and how did they count it? this was the worse joke on this forum :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: really did they count how many virtual machines people run? or how many are just script run bots? oh, tell me an other joke please, i can rarely laugh this hard

ohh, “cry me a river babe”… ohh wait, yeah, how many times ive seen this in eve :smiley: btw, this is not my definition, this is THE definition of griefing