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Hey guys.

As some of you are aware I’m being very unhappy with CCP recently.
From time to time I check up the opinions from steam.
I wanted to share one of those with you.

This part is especially my favorite:

It’s not P2W. It’s something different. It’s not Lawful Evil. It’s Chaotic Evil. There are also a lot of proposed changes at times that make a lot of veterans quit, but the amount of time spent (and this is common in mmo’s) is held in a way, at ransom to get players to continue playing.

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Thank you for sharing it with us.

A Good Game, Bad Company

After a few hundred hours, these are my opinions of this game. And really, it’s not so much the game, but the company itself and it’s monetization model that bothered me so much that I had to just give it up. and the fact the entirety of the game is about essentially knocking other people’s sandcastles over and those sandcastles take astronomic levels of time, and in most cases real money to get going.

What I did like is the following:

  • The economy is all player based, everything in the game has a true value and worth and the economics if that is what you are into in an MMO is second to none.

  • The social aspect cause of it’s sandbox nature is second to none, you MUST to get ANYWHERE be a bit of a social butterfly.

Everything I Hate about this game:

  • Everything, everything leads you as a player into a very rigid sales funnel. Got ganked? Input your credit card and buy plex to replace everything, want to multi-box? Buy multiple omega accounts, buy multi-character license to skill up two characters at once.

  • Multi-Boxing is not only acceptable, it is downright condoned. If you care at all about meta, you must be multi-boxing, period.

  • Horrible, villainous policies such as not being able to use steam keys/purchases/sales if you don’t make an account directly linked via API to your steam account. Being locked to their much more expensive store that only sells in USD and taking the choice of you wanting your steam account linked to their backend out of your hands with a big price difference.

  • The free skill points they give you and how convoluted the skill system is, is another way of sales funnelling you. If you mess up your initial skill points you receive or etc you can set yourself back months, even years if you don’t know what you are doing. I was lucky and got guidance and am the kind of person to do dozens of hours of research, but many end up quite literally wasting the initial boost, the only answer is to pull your credit card out at that point, or accept you are gimped.

  • On a gameplay level, huge corporations own most of the game space, multi-boxers are running dozens of Orca’s in the belts and gankers are everywhere who too are multi-boxing to min/max at every corner of gameplay.

  • It is quite literally spreadsheets in space. The entirety of gameplay and everything you “Play” wouldn’t and doesn’t even need graphics. It is simply numbers vs numbers with your hands-off most of the time. Some find this to be attractive, but the entirety of it seems like work rather than a game and will require even in MMO standards, significant amounts of very boring grinds to accomplish quite literally anything. Which brings you back to the Multi-Box problem. You make 90% of all decisions and actions in the overview menu on the right, and are waiting about 80% of your time actually “playing” the game.

Honestly, it might be okay for some. And it clearly is for how long it has existed, and it DOES do things other MMO’s have never touched. But since CCP’s buyout and a lot of what they have done to it seemingly is for the worst. You will spend hundreds of hours before you can even make a proper opinion of it. And most of that is because of their absolute lack of proper explanation, and monetary incentive to keep most of it so convoluted that the common gamer doesn’t see the trickery happening. But there’s a lot of policies, and sales funnels here you will never see in any other MMO or videogame for that matter.

It’s not P2W. It’s something different. It’s not Lawful Evil. It’s Chaotic Evil. There are also a lot of proposed changes at times that make a lot of veterans quit, but the amount of time spent (and this is common in mmo’s) is held in a way, at ransom to get players to continue playing. It’s free to play, in the sense that you can. But why would you ever want to with everything timegated? Why would you, when everything can just be bought? It’s much eviler than any other mainstream MMO I have ever seen, cause EVERYTHING boils down to clearly, a business sales-funnelling you and offering solutions to issues they baked right into the core game itself.

It’s honestly disheartening, disgusting and I would like my 300hrs back. And a proper reason on as to why I had to spend 40% more to not API my steam account. Quit, gave all my grinded goods to a buddy and I was right out of there. I got barges, I did everything right, I had dozens of ships gifted to me by a vet, and none of it. None of it was interesting other than the social aspects, and most of the community is some of the most toxic I have ever witnessed. And I was in a great guild/corporation, but that doesn’t mean the community as a whole isn’t a toxic mess of multi-boxers.

implying people care about the reviews on Steam, lmao.

Almost all of it is from weak garbage who aren’t cut out for EVE Online crying about how the game is too difficult for them. Giving them any more attention beyond the mere acknowledgment that they exist is too much already.



rofl … reads funny … i dont use steam so i cant read this in real … keep sharing please … its allways a plesure to read such trash … you cant teake it serious but its entertaining like flat earth and such stuff


Oh gosh, who would have thought, You need account linked to steam to be able to make use of steam keys/purchases/sales most villanous thing eveeeeeeer…

as for

part. As an onwer of one steam account in eve you can access regular eve store from that account, the only difference is that only payment option available will be steam wallet instead of broad choices of credit cards and such. and funnilly enough website kind of bugs out if you acces the store from steam-launched launcher so you can/have to buy with steam wallet on your other accounts if you derp - easilly fixable by selective cookie purge.

Who the heck wrote that piece of wall of text pretending to be review I have no idea…

EDIT: also steam store is not USD-locked, it’s REGIONAL locked - for example for me it shows prices in lo and behold, my local currency

Thank you, OP, a good read, one of the more humoristic ones. Especially the bit about the credit card to replace a lost ship.


In before lock for ranting, Im going to assume.

So everyone here is happy with CCP toxic aproach i see.
Only more feed for trolls.

Im going to add this to the Forced and Fascist list of words people do not know how to use correctly.


In before the rant lock!!!

Presumably that means you’re having a feeding frenzy, right?


Speaking of toxic, I will only accept the OP’s stuff if it’s accompanied by a decontamination certificate.


EVE is a better game today than it used to be. Giving players more options is not a bad thing

Opinions that don’t match yours (and I’m putting ISK on that you wrote that long ass steam review yourself) are “toxic” and “troll feed”

Get ■■■■■■, snowflake.


I feel when I read people post that “EvE is the most toxic game they ever played”, that they don’t play pvp games very much. I mean I just came from a different MMO where people were just straight racist in global chat, I mean this wasn’t a one time thing either, they did it every day, and they never even got in trouble, because the GMs there didn’t really even bother to care. Have you stepped in League lately? People spend years to get to diamond just to have people straight intentionally lose you right back to silver. Again when you complain you basically get told to prove it, because every troll is so stupid he openly tells you he is trolling you so you can report him.

I am not saying EvE doesn’t have its trolls but comon, the worst? Get real.

Unless we are talking about the people running their game and their utter contempt and troll for miners in Hisec, now that might be a little more accurate.

STO is ■■■■■■■ full of this

Yay, how much isk did i won?

None, in fact you owe the SCC money; all prize money being subject to a tax of 200%

Wow, the review is written by some totally clueless person who expected instant win.

kind of like reviewing a decaying corpse with the odd twitch


meh it’s the stuff about sales funnels that got me.

In over a decade of playing I have never once felt the need to break out the plastic to try and buy my way to “success”.